Sunday, November 9, 2008

Time to Give Thanks!

I know we already had a post about Gratitude, but it is November and only a few weeks before Thanksgiving, so I thought it was a good opportunity to re-visit the subject. But this post is going to be a little different. I do believe that focusing on gratitude is one of the best ways to create abiding joy in our lives. So, this week's post comes in the form of a challenge, or assignment, if you will.

Let us all send a note of gratitude and appreciation to at least one person this week. Then, if you don't mind, please share about it here. You can tell what you appreciate about the person(s) you thanked, or their response, or if writing and delivering the note had any positive effect on you. I expect it will because expressing gratitude always makes me feel happier. It's kind of like a higher form of a compliment.

So, go out and be grateful!


Linda said...

I really appreciate the quote by Westermayer about the pilgrims. It helps me put things in the right perspective.

I wrote my dad a letter to let him know how much I appreciate all his hard work and how much I love him. Last Friday was my dad's 93rd birthday so I was thinking a lot about him. One morning, as I was jogging and thinking about Dad I realized that I have a closer relationship with my Heavenly Father because of my relationship with my mortal father. My dad gave me unconditional love, taught me many life skills, listened to my worries and fears and thoughts, and exemplified his beliefs by the way he lived every day. He enjoyed playing with us and working with us. He loved my mom with all his heart. They have made a great team for almost 63 years. I hope the letter made him feel as wonderful as he is.

Ketchesons said...

I took you up on the challenge and I wrote a note to my RS President. She just got released and called to be the Stake RS President. I express my gratitude for the love I know she has for me and for all the sisters in the ward. She replied letting me know that it has been really hard to leave our ward's calling and Loved to hear that she'll be missed.
I love making her feel the way she makes me feel.

Cheryl said...

I wrote a note to Linda's father as well because he is my grandpa! And "Ketechesons" makes a great point. When I was released from my responsibility as Young Women's leader (girls ages 12-18), I received several "thank you's" from the girls. I never felt fully comfortable in that calling, so to read that I had been appreciated and made a difference for them was SO SIGNIFICANT for me! I saved them all and will cherish them forever. I'm so glad you thought to do that for someone else.
I'm also in the middle of a "thank you" to my HH. You might catch a tiny glimpse of what he puts up with through my writings on this blog. He is incredibly kind and patient and supportive of me and I don't thank him nearly as often as I should.
And lastly, there is a new comment on "I Think You Are Great!" It's a wonderfully applicable poem. Check it out!

Becky said...

Maybe because it's November and we're thinking about giving thanks, but I've noticed several things this week. I did send a "thank you" note - to a friend who surprised us with dinner - but I wanted to share my son's experience.

At Mutual the Laurels made brownies and then shared them with the Priests/Teachers. Afterwards Steven said "Thanks for the brownies," (It's nice to know the lessons in manners are being learned!) but it was the reply he got - "Thank you for saying thank you" - that really touched him, enough for him to mention it to me. He said it made him feel great!

Expressing gratitude, whether in person or by a note, does affect both parties in positive ways.

Jen said...

All right, mine was not nearly as thoughtful as any of the other comments. . . . but, I wrote a thank you note to the woman that I visit teach for the fudge that she bought in Nauvoo for me for my birthday. And, Eric and I sat down on Sunday evening and wrote thank you cards for our birthdays, as well.