Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Day 153: Joyfulness is Next to...

I was really hoping to be able to type this with both hands tonight, but Baby B has other plans. I don't mind him being the boss most of the time, but right now I'm really in need of a break.

I'm afraid to say, I just sort of endured today. I didn't really enjoy it.

I tried. I took everyone out front in the afternoon so the kids could ride bikes and scooters. They live for that and I know Z always likes a change of scenery, so I thought it would make everyone happy. And I think everyone did have fun--to an extent.

The problem is, the kids both wanted me to watch their every move, Baby B wanted me to gaze at him and smile, and Z wanted to run and play. I tried to watch the kids, smile for a bit at Baby B, and play fetch with Z. But no one was very satisfied with that. Then the kids decided to get out the sidewalk chalk and Z settled for being okay with just having me pet her. So, I did that while focusing in on Baby B and I thought now everyone would be content. But then the kids wanted me to draw pictures for them. Baby B was not a fan of being held with one arm while I squatted down and tried to draw with the other. And Z didn't appreciate the neglect either.

I expected that to be a joyful experience for all of us. Instead, I just felt frustrated and disappointed. I can't give everyone what they want all at the same time. And I really wanted to.

So, today's Joyful Moment was finally getting the kitchen cleaned up several hours after dinner was finished. It's not even clean clean. It's just acceptable, as long as I don't look in the direction of the clutter counter. But that was my Moment, nevertheless, and I'm sticking to it.

Wishing you all Joyful Moments that are more joyful than mine.

P.S. On the bright side, Baby B filled his belly while I typed and is now peacefully sleeping in his bed and I had "no misspellings found" when I clicked the spell checker!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Day 152: Chopping Block

I don't know about you, but I pretty much never like a hair cut the day I get it. It may be exactly what I asked for, I may end up loving it within the week, but that first day, I always have a hard time adjusting to my new 'do.

A couple years ago, I cut my hair so short, it was only an inch long in some spots. It stuck straight up.

Oh. My. Can you even stand those rolls on her arms?! And the chubby grin?

And we discovered where Sweet P got this great hair from because my hair did the same thing.

This is what my hair looked like when I was 8 months pregnant. Exceptionally long. WAY too long.

I cut it shortly before Baby B was born. But today I went back to get it cut again.

And it was love at first sight! This is without me even styling it. (My hairdresser is a friend and her baby boy needed her much more than I needed a blow dry.) And it was totally my Joyful Moment. I'm so excited for both the cuteness and the low maintenance of this cut!

Tonight was... rough on this mama, to say the least. At least I looked cute though!

Wishing you all Joyful haircut Moments!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Day 151: Fresh Starts

Over the weekend HH wanted to get rid of Z. She just keeps destroying one valuable thing after another. This is not the first time we've discussed finding her a new home, but there was something more determined about it. And I really surprised myself and came to her defense. I didn't realize how much I cared for our dog until yesterday.

So, we devised a new plan to hopefully help her. She's really a good dog--and a very smart dog. So, the problem is just that she gets bored because we don't always have time to devote to her. She's also a very social and energetic dog. So, this has to find an outlet somewhere. And I told HH I would come up with a way to provide her with that.

Remember my goal to run a marathon next year?

Well, I combined the two. Turns out my gym will watch my kids while I run outside. So, I brought the dog along and took her running with me. This was my first time running since Christmas Day. And it went a lot better than I expected. The rush of endorphins, plus the good feelings for spending time giving Z what she needs, gave me a super great high. It was one of the best Joyful Moments I've had since this began. It was really empowering and exciting.

But then, HH just got Baby B to laugh for the first time while I was typing this post and the Joyful Moment brought on by that adorable sound may have topped them all!

Wishing you all Joyful Moments to top them all!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Day 150: Swirly Twirly

This morning I finally fit into my favorite spring/summer skirt again! That was an exciting Joyful Moment, as you can imagine. I'm not back to my pre-pregnancy size or shape, but this was progress and it was fun wearing this skirt again.

Until my naturally tan friend commented that my skirt matches my legs. It's a white skirt.

Wishing you all Joyful Moments whether your legs are a lovely tan, or a pasty white!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Day 149: What Happened?!

Today should have been a really great day. Just before bed Sweet P actually said it had been a party the whole day. At least she enjoyed the day. We went to a little celebration at a nearby dairy and the kids got to do a bunch of fun stuff. Then we went to the mall in the late afternoon and bought a bunch of things, but most notable to the kids were gummies at the bulk candy store. And then they got to ride their bikes and scooters when we got home. And she got a piece of leftover cake after dinner. Apparently, that is what it takes to make it a party all day for Sweet P.

But there were other things that happened in between that sort of made it a rough day for me and for HH. Sometimes it's no fun being the adult and having to deal with responsible stuff. If only life could just be about barrel rides, bike rides, gummy candies, and chocolate cherry cake.

So, I'm a little ashamed to admit it, but I think today's Joyful Moment was brought to me by some good ol' retail therapy. I bought some much needed new workout clothes and I can't wait to try them out! Normally, buying things makes me a little sick inside because I hate spending money. But oddly, I didn't have any of that. Maybe it's because HH was actually the one swiping the card? I don't know. All I know is, there is no regret, only joy and anticipation!

Wishing you all Joyful Moments brought to you by good ol' retail therapy!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Day 148: Pillow Punching Party

Whenever we have people over the kids get wound up and crazy.

Tonight we fed the missionaries, so my children became lunatics. Then the missionaries left and we tried to settle them down. I never figured out why, but suddenly Little M burst into the kitchen full of grumpy energy needing to be let out. He threw something on the floor, then opened a drawer just so he could slam it shut again. Before he could cause any serious damage, I whisked him away to his bedroom to show him an okay outlet for that frustration.

I grabbed his pillow and told him to punch it. He gave me a grumpy look of confusion. So, I showed him how a few times. Nope. Too grumpy to give it a go. So, I did the only thing a mother can do in that situation. I tickled him all over until the grumpies gave way to genuine giggles and belly laughs. Then we wrestled a bit and then we played a bizarre game of throwing his "special blankie" as hard as possible at each other. It was a blanket, so it didn't hurt. But when I threw it and it spread all over his head and face, he just about died laughing. Those grumpies were completely forgotten.

And giggling with my Little M was my Joyful Moment. I knew he needed some attention from me; I didn't realize I needed the time with him just as much.

I love my crazy children.

Wishing you all Joyful Moments when the grumpies are chased away by a special blankie being chucked at your face.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Day 147: Better Call the 'Wah-mbulence'

Today was definitely not yesterday.

HH left for a business trip early yesterday morning--that's why I was so grateful yesterday went so well--and he gets back late tonight. And we all need him desperately. Everyone was out of sorts today and not even a trip to the zoo or chicken nuggets could fix things.

My Joyful Moment in all of that? When HH called just a few minutes ago just before his plane took off. It was the first time I got to talk to him all day and it was so wonderful to hear his comforting voice. Even though all I did was complain about my rotten day. Sorry, Honey!

But that phone call doesn't compare to the Joyful Moment I'll have in just a little bit when he gets home and wraps his amazing arms around me.

Wishing you all Joyful Moments full of zoo trips, chicken nuggets, or amazing arms! You choose.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Day 146: Perfect-O

The "Time In" technique that I learned from Little M's therapist is working wonders for all of us. Little M is having very few "episodes" these days, Sweet P is benefiting from the extra positive feedback she gets as well. It's even turned their extreme competitiveness into a plus. They compete for positive affirmation--and I dole it out willingly.

It's still an effort to remember to do it every few minutes, but as long as I do, it's AWESOME! And today was a pretty good day with that. We had extra challenges, but things still went smoothly. And in light of those extra challenges, the fact that we all still had a good day today was my Joyful Moment. I love my family.

Wishing you all Joyful Moments involving Time In with those you love most!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Day 145: VT-ing

That doesn't stand for "Vermonting".

The Church of Jesus Christ has a system for looking after each member. Each family is assigned two men as their "home teachers". They are responsible for knowing the needs and well-being of the families in their stewardship and also for sharing a specific message from our church leaders each month with each of these families. Each woman over the age of 18 is assigned two women to be her "visiting teachers". These women have a similar responsibility of being taking care of the women in their stewardship. We call it "visiting teaching", or sometimes, "VT-ing". Clever, I know.

It's a really important responsibility because our church has millions of members, so it would be impossible for the leaders to take care of each and every member. And it's a great way to serve and be served. It is clearly a divinely inspired plan. But of course, since it is carried out by mere mortals, things don't always go the way they should.

One of the women that I am supposed to visit has been difficult to coordinate with and then I and the other woman I'm supposed to do the visits with both had babies. So, we've never made it to visit this one woman. Well, finally tonight we made it. I've said 'hi' to her in passing while at church, but this was my first time really talking to her. And I discovered that she is not at all the way I thought she was. She was very friendly and welcoming, and for some reason I always thought she didn't want us to come. So, it was really my Joyful Moment getting to know her tonight. She's a really cool person. She's re-doing the interior of her house by herself and I am totally amazed.

Wishing you all Joyful Moments CT-ing (Connecting (kind of like Connecticutting?))!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Day 144: Payback

The good kind.

I have a friend who is always helping me out and doing me favors. Well, today I finally got to help her out a bit and babysit two of her kids. I wish I could say it was a big deal, but the older of the two is one of my kids' favorite friends and the younger is just a sweetheart who snuggled onto my shoulder as I held him and then played happily alongside the other three while I took care of Baby B.

But I guess it made it all the more joyful of a Joyful Moment to be able to do a service and enjoy it all the while.

Wishing you all Joyful Moments found in revenging someone else's kindness!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Day 143: Yay, Dad!

Can you name the movie? Mega bonus points if you can.

I'll give you a hint: A little turtle waving a flag says that line.

That is a good hint.

So, today's Joyful Moment was, of course, brought to us by the two main men in my life--HH and my mom's HH.
They are A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. Seriously. I just love and adore the both of them.

My dad has always been my hero. He's worked hard my whole life (and longer) to take care of my mom and all of us kids. He taught me how to fish, ride a bike, and how to tell him when it was time for him to change my oil. He would have taught me how to change my oil myself except for a very unfortunate event when he was teaching my older sister how to change the oil in her car. In more recent years he's taught me about praying and drawing nearer to my Savior. He's taught me about humility. And he's provided comfort, advice, and love all the while. I could not be more blessed! Talking him today was a fabulous Joyful Moment.

And then there's my HH. He is the best father I could ask for my children. He also works super hard to take care of our family. He juggles a million responsibilities and still comes home with the energy and desire to play with the kids, teach them to read and also all about crazy exotic animals. He makes up amazing stories starring them for bed each night. He loves them so deeply. And he helps me become the mom I want to be. I love you! Trying to make today special for him was another Joyful Moment. And all of his kind comments regarding how great today was were more Joyful Moments.

Yay, Dads!

Wishing you all Joyful Moments featuring some baby daddy!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Day 142: Weeding Bliss

Yeah, you read that right. My Joyful Moment came today while I was weeding my garden. This picture is from before I weeded. I don't have an "after" to show you how great it looks. But it does look really great.

We have some sneaky sneaky weeds, so I haven't dared pull many of them up for fear of actually uprooting something we planted. But by now, things have grown enough that I could tell what was what, for the most part. So, I went out for some intense weeding today.

So intense. We had a billion weeds out there in our little garden! But I tackled them all. And I totally won. The best part, though, was when I got over to the side where the tomato plants are growing. Suddenly, I was surrounded by a heavenly aroma--fresh, home grown tomatoes. Oh. My. Yum. JOYFUL MOMENT!!!

As I attacked the remaining weeds, I was fantasizing sitting out there and eating tomatoes fresh off the vine once they're ready to harvest. Oh, the smell was divine!

If this seems a little over the top for tomatoes, you've obviously never tried a homegrown tomato. Beg, steal, or borrow to get your taste buds on one ASAP. But don't steal one of mine. I'd be sad.

Stepping out of the garden and seeing how nice and neat it looked after my hard work was a Joyful Moment as well. But it's hard to compete with tomato perfume.

Wishing you all aromatic (preferably of the fresh tomato scent) Joyful Moments!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Day 141: We Were Only Freshmen

Today's Joyful Moment was when one of my former roommates and fabulous friends showed up at my house with her family. That's one of the great things about where we live--it's on the way to everywhere. So, we get company as people pass through. And this is one visit I've been looking forward to for months!

And I want to get back to them, so that's all.

Wishing you all Joyful Moment reunions minus the freshman fifteen!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Day 140: Can Joy Exist in a World Without Ice Cream?

I'll find out and get back to you.

It appears that Baby B may have some sort of allergy or intolerance. Dairy is the most likely culprit, so I have cut that from my diet. And the fact that I'm pretty much always hungry now has alerted me to the fact that dairy makes up a substantial part of my diet.

And I really miss my ice cream.

But I'm sure I had Joyful Moments today, even without it. For one, I really appreciate all of your kind words and support. Sincere words of love and encouragement from family and friends are such a merciful thing during times of trial.

Today was another rough day, so this Joyful Moment will probably seem a bit odd, but bear with me. Tonight at dinner, HH and I were discussing his day at work when we realized Little M was kind of whining and crying. He's sort of a whiny child, so we don't always rush into fix things when this happens.

But he did seem bothered by something, so I asked what was wrong. He sadly told us that a chip was hurting the inside of his "froat", or throat. I'm sure you've all experienced the painful feeling of a fragmented chip getting caught in your throat. HH and I have, so we were instantly sympathetic and told him to eat or drink something else to help push it down. He popped in a blackberry and chewed and swallowed it. Then he triumphantly declared, "It pushed it down!" and started laughing.

This response was so unexpected that we all started laughing. It was just such a funny reaction to an uncomfortable and painful situation being fixed. And I think that was the first time HH and I have laughed in the last couple days. We really needed that. It was a great Joyful Moment even though it was such a ridiculous and bizarre source.

Wishing you all Joyful Moments from unexpected humor!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Day 139: Um... Yeah.

This is another post for the faceless void. As in, for some reason it feels so personal I considered not posting it.

Today was pretty much awful. For a number of reasons.

One of which being that Sweet P had her surgery to implant a hormone that will help to halt the progress of her condition. It feels like the right thing to do and we fought so hard to get it approved, but it still makes me nervous for so many reasons. I just wish I could fix it for her, so she could avoid all of this. I wish I could protect her from everything.

She's a daddy's girl, so she had her daddy sit with her while going through all the pre-op stuff and then again as she was coming out of the anesthesia (only one of us was allowed to stay with her because the other had to stay out in the waiting room with her brothers. Since many of the kids in there have compromised immune systems, they don't want a bunch of little kids running around.). But then she had a weird rash, so they called me back to check it. She just has highly sensitive skin, so she gets that sort of thing all the time. I informed the staff of this and was about to leave so HH could come back when Sweet P asked me to stay and gripped my hand. Lately, she's kind of been mad at me all the time, so this was very comforting to my heart.

But given the circumstances, it doesn't really feel like it was an actual Joyful Moment, even though that's what I was originally going to share.

So, even though it's a repeat, this is all I have: Today was rotten, but Baby B was always there to do his thing. He really is my saving grace so much of the time. He is so smiley. His whole face lights up when his eyes meet mine. And everything else sort of melts away. Or at least feels bearable.

And he's right on the verge of beginning to vocalize. Right now it's just funny little sounds, but those soft ahh's are right around the corner. It's so adorable.

Where would I be without him to provide so many Joyful Moments and bring light into the darkest of days? I'm so grateful for the gift and blessing he is in my life.

And for a mama who recognized that today would be rough and reached out in support. Thanks, Mom.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Day 138: Everyone Has a Therapist These Days, Right?

Don't judge me, but I went to a psychologist with Little M yesterday. His behavior has been increasingly alarming lately. Everyone tells me that it's normal for a little boy, but it just doesn't feel right.

Mainly, he's very aggressive and mean. And there's a whole bunch more, but none of it has been a source of Joy for me, so we won't go into it here.

The reason I bring it up is because yesterday in therapy I learned about "time in". As in, the opposite of "time out". The therapist supports my use of time outs as a negative consequence, but she encouraged me to take advantage of the rest of the time (time in) to give him all the positive attention and praise I can.

As in, "Good job playing so softly with that car"; "I love how kind you are sitting next to your sister"; "That's so great that you're sitting in your chair during breakfast", etc.

It's only the first day, but W.O.W.!

He's been a different child. He's getting back to being the sweet little boy he was a year ago. He only went on time out one time. He only hurt Sweet P once or twice--that is usually a very frequent occurrence. And he was only sweet and gentle with Baby B (just recently he started showing aggression towards him--scary!). I don't think he hurt Z either. And for us, that is a great day. Joyful Moment right there.

And looking for opportunities to praise him (and of course, Sweet P) for just doing anything not naughty was a source for Joyful Moments, too. It was nice to see how happy it made them to have their behavior appreciated. And it made them try harder. Joyful Moment! Basically, it takes a little extra thought (and sometimes creativity--"Good job walking!") on my part, but it's totally a win-win.

Yay for therapy!

Wishing you all therapeutic breakthrough Joyful Moments!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Day 137: Oh, Henry!

We had those for dessert tonight. In honor of our dinner guest, Henry.

Henry was baptized a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on Saturday. We know it can be a bit overwhelming to join and not really know anyone in the congregation on Sunday, so we wanted to introduce ourselves and get to know him better.

He's really nice and a very gracious guest. So, it was an enjoyable evening and dinner. And it was the first time we've had anyone to dinner since Baby B was born. I enjoy that, so it was nice to do it again.

And he seemed pretty pleased when we pulled out dessert and HH explained to him why he'd requested I make them. And then he asked to take some home. It's always nice to have my cooking and baking appreciated, so that was a Joyful Moment for me.

Speaking of my baking--I haven't forgotten your requests for my cookie recipe. I just have to remember to bring my cookbook down to my computer room some time. It will come.

Wishing you Joyful Moments that involve both yumminess and flattery!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Day 136: Cute

Today we took Z to the dog run. She just doesn't get enough exercise (or fun) these days, so we try to do that every chance we get. It's a pretty nice little park, but the terrain is too bumpy for a stroller, so I always carry Baby B in the Moby wrap.

Today I tried carrying him in an outward-facing position, for the first time. He seemed to like it. And HH couldn't stop telling me how cute we looked and that he wished he had a camera to take our picture.

Call me a girl, but I like being told that I'm cute (although, I'm sure this was mainly because I was carrying an insanely cute baby). Especially by the guy that I'm totally in love with. And that was my Joyful Moment today.

Wishing you all cute Joyful Moments!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Day 135: I'm Thinking About Getting Our Dog a Pet

A pet rat, that is. Except then my father would never come visit again. He despises the idea of rodents as pets. I tried my best to convince him of the cuteness of a hamster or a gerbil for years without the slightest hint of success.

But through a crazy twist of fate, I wound up taking our dog Z to her training course today, instead of HH. She's a pretty smart dog, so she does really well. Which is good for us, but kind of lame while at training because they have to go a lot slower and spend more time helping the other dog. So, she and I got a little bored.

Then came time to walk around the store to see how her training did when she had distractions and people and dogs to see. We're making very slow progress in that area, but I did learn something new about my dog--she is a big fan of rats. We're talking BIG. Every time we walked past their cage she would stop and sniff each one (although I'm not sure how much she could really smell through the glass) and then stand and stare at them quite intensely. It was really funny. And it was a Joyful Moment today.

Is that a weird Joyful Moment? Maybe. But I can't just repeat the bazillion Joyful Moments I get while interacting with Baby B each day and it was really funny to see how fascinated she was by those rats. I think she would have loved to hop in the cage and play with them. But I doubt this would have gone over well with the rats. She's kind of a big puppy and she gets a little overzealous in her play.

So, if I ever did get her a pet, it would have to be a rat. But since I do want my dad to keep visiting and I don't think the rat would survive her attention for very long, we won't be getting her a pet. I'll just have to keep my eye out for a stuffed rat, I suppose.

Anywho, here's wishing you all rat-free Joyful Moments (unless, of course, you love rats--then I hope your Joyful Moments are rat-full)!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Day 134: Is 'Spunning' a Word?

What is the past tense for "spinning"--as in the gym class? "I went spunning this morning" just kind of sounds really weird. And my auto spell is giving it the red underline, so it can't really be a word. I did spin? Is that any better?

Anyway, HH is awaiting my company for our Friday night movie, so I better quit my musing and make this quick.

I did spin this morning. The first time in 7 weeks. Oh, I've missed that! And apparently, my leg muscles missed it so much that they packed up and left at some point. It was painful and exhausting! But because I'm an exercise freak, it was still my Joyful Moment today. I know getting back into shape is going to be a long process. It just feels so good to be actually on that road again instead of counting down the days. And it's good to reconnect with my quads. And my gluts. Ouch!

Wishing you all less painful Joyful Moments!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Day 133:Welcome Home!

My newest nephew was born on Saturday. You might be wondering why that wasn't my Joyful Moment that day. I'll tell you why.

It was a Joyful Moment, but he was born a month early and I was a little worried about him and his mama. And I was sad that it didn't look like they'd get to take him home with them when they left the hospital.

Well, he's such a strong little fighter that he actually got to go home today. Not bad for a preemie. And when my little sister called me to let me know they would soon be picking up their little guy and taking him home, it was a fabulous Joyful Moment.

Congratulations you three! I'm so happy for you and I can't wait to come hold that little man!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Day 132: Hey, I Know You!

Baby B has finally started smiling more freely. Like when he hears my voice or sees my face.

I love it!

Knowing that you're special to a tiny infant is an awesome Joyful Moment. And I got to have several of those today. Could I be any more blessed?

Wishing you all Joyful Moments of the greatest kind!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Day 131: This Ain't Your Grandma's Yoga

That's right! Today was my first day back at the gym. It was a Joyful Moment being welcomed back by all my gym friends.

But it was REALLY a Joyful Moment attending yoga class again. It's a Power Yoga class and it's like yoga on steroids. Except I'm pretty sure yogis would never ever do steroids, but you get the point. It's hard. It was hard even when I was in pretty good shape pre-pregnancy. It was exceedingly hard today. I even kind of sort of almost passed out at one point. But I sat down and put my head between my knees and rested a moment. Not a Joyful Moment.

But then I was able to get back up and finish the rest of the class. JOYFUL MOMENT!!! I've really missed working out. It was so great to be back and doing yoga was the perfect way to get back into it. I felt great!

Wishing you all Joyful Moments on steroids (metaphorically speaking, of course)!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Day 130: Giddy School Girls

Sweet P's best friend is a little older than her, so she's in school. That makes it hard for them to hang out during the school year. But school finally got out last week!

So, when Sweet P and Little M were crying about Grandma and Grandpa leaving this morning, I suggested a play date with their friends. Their mom thought that was a great idea and planned to come over early afternoon. But then we hit a snag when they started having car trouble and had to take their car to the mechanic instead of coming to our house.

The kids were pretty disappointed (especially because this meant that they had to take naps now that we wouldn't have friends over). But then my friend called and asked if we could pick them up because the car would have to stay at the mechanic for a few days.

So, we drove down there and loaded everyone into the van and brought them back to our house. Listening to Sweet P and her friend giggling and having the greatest time together in the back seat was today's Joyful Moment. I love how happy they are to see each other and what a great time they have together.

It was also nice to hang out with her mom who is one of my friends and to do a little service.

And Baby B has been Mr. Smiles lately. Joyful Moments all around!

Wishing you Joyful Moments of the cute and giggly variety!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Day 129: So-Sew

I ordered one of those cool nursing cover while I was pregnant with Baby B. I have love loved using it ever since he was born. It's just so nice and convenient.

And then I lost it last week.

And it is SO hot and humid here right now! So, Baby B gets all sweaty and grumpy under the blanket any time we nurse.

Today my mom helped me sew a new nursing cover. Actually, my dad and HH even helped too. It's super cute and I'm SO HAPPY to have a new one!! Joyful Moment.

And HH cooked yumm-o Teriyaki chicken on the new grill I got him for his birthday yesterday. Joyful Moment!

And my dad is waiting for me to end this post so he can go to bed because our computer is in our guest room, so good night!

Wishing you all Joyful Moments that are yumm-o or super cute!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Day 128: The Mamas and The Papas

My mom and dad arrived this afternoon!!!

It's my HH's birthday!!!!

Yay for Joyful Moments galore!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Day 127: Recognition

Today's Joyful Moment came this evening. I was sitting on the couch having just finished Sweet P's violin practice. She and Little M went outside to help HH in the yard, so it was just me and Baby B.

He started out looking at me, which is always a Joyful Moment, but then he became fixated on the picture on the wall above my head. And then he smiled at it. Smiles are still a rare occasion with him, but this is the second time he's smiled at that picture. I don't believe that's a coincidence.

It's a painting of Jesus Christ. And I believe Baby B smiled because he remembers where he came from and he remembers Him. And seeing that recognition from someone so seemingly helpless in every way brought me joy. I wonder what he would tell me if he knew how to talk. I believe that all babies remember living with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, but since they can't talk about it, this memory fades.

This is just my own personal belief and theory--not doctrine, by any means. But I am fairly confident that my infant knows that he is my baby and also that he is a child of God. What greater joy could a mother have than for her child to know who he is? Now it's up to me to make sure he always knows that, even as he forgets where he came from.

Wishing you all Joyful Moments in sharing in something divine.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Day 126: Phew!

This afternoon HH came home early so I could go get a suspicious mole removed. And surprisingly, I had two Joyful Moments related to that.

The first came while my doctor was in the process of removing the mole. She had already numbed the area and was gently cutting it off and then said, "Come on, come to mama" in the voice you use while talking to a baby.

Except she was talking to my mole.

I tried to hide my smile, but thought about how funny it would be when I shared this with HH after I got home. Call me weird, but that was totally a Joyful Moment. I love sharing funny stories with him and this was a good one!

The second came when we were reunited and I found out that BB had slept the entire time I was gone. I really appreciated HH taking all three kids (he took them plus the dog on a walk to the playground--bonus points!) so I could just relax a bit at the doctor's. This morning was super hectic and crazy, so that was especially nice today.

The first time I left HH alone with Sweet P as a newborn, she started screaming shortly after I left (I fed her right before I left) and he didn't know how to console her. He panicked and called me, frantic to know when I'd be home. Then when I returned home he said, "You can't ever leave without her again." And I felt the shackles close around my wrists and ankles.

I did leave her alone with him again, of course. And he's a much more experienced papa. But it truly was a Joyful Moment to know that BB had slept and not caused any stress while I was out. I'm so glad things weren't more challenging for him than they already are simply with having more kids than you have hands.

Who knew a freaky mole (don't worry, the doc said it was most likely nothing at all) could be the source of so much joy?

Wishing you all Joyful Moments sans the freaky mole!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Day 125: Fruitopia

Do you remember those drinks? Do they still make them? I was a big fan back in high school. Or maybe they were the only things offered in the vending machines. I don't remember. Except that I drank them.

Anyway, I am NOT a big fan of summer heat and humidity. However, I am a BIG fan of what it produces. As in, produce.

Today's Joyful Moment was looking in my fruit drawer and basket and seeing blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, peaches, nectarines, and mangoes replace the apples, oranges, and grapefruit we've been enjoying all winter. I love those fruits too, but I am happy to have all of this yummy variety again.

And there would have been watermelon, but we finished that off at lunch. Plus, I don't really store watermelon in my fruit drawer or basket.

Wishing you all fruit-a-liscious Joyful Moments!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Day 124: Web Log

A.K.A. Blog.

Technically I have four of them. But I haven't posted on a couple of them for a couple years. True story.

But I love to write. Pretty much always have. I have several notebooks full of poems and stories I wrote during my school years. And then I graduated from college and I stopped writing. And I became sad. Just kidding. But, ever since I began blogging, I have been reconnected with the joy that I get from writing.

And I married the right man. He's always saying that I'm such a great story-teller and that my posts are so funny (not so much with my posts on this blog since it's kind of a more serious blog, but I try to keep my posts from being too dry). And it makes me feel so great when he tells me these things and encourages me to keep on telling my stories.

I started getting a little behind on my family blog last week and I thought I wasn't really in the mood to post. But then I made myself write a post today and I thought it was witty--not my wittiest, but still entertaining. And it just brought me joy. I love expressing myself that way. And then HH sent me an email telling me he thought it was funny. Thanks for the Joyful Moment, Hot Honey!!!

Wishing you all Joyful Moments brought on by your own stellar wittiness!