Monday, June 21, 2010

Day 144: Payback

The good kind.

I have a friend who is always helping me out and doing me favors. Well, today I finally got to help her out a bit and babysit two of her kids. I wish I could say it was a big deal, but the older of the two is one of my kids' favorite friends and the younger is just a sweetheart who snuggled onto my shoulder as I held him and then played happily alongside the other three while I took care of Baby B.

But I guess it made it all the more joyful of a Joyful Moment to be able to do a service and enjoy it all the while.

Wishing you all Joyful Moments found in revenging someone else's kindness!

1 comment:

Linda said...

I was privileged to babysit our 2 week old premature grandson while his mommy went to a shower that should have taken place before he was born - :) It was TRUE JOY the whole time!