Thursday, June 3, 2010

Day 126: Phew!

This afternoon HH came home early so I could go get a suspicious mole removed. And surprisingly, I had two Joyful Moments related to that.

The first came while my doctor was in the process of removing the mole. She had already numbed the area and was gently cutting it off and then said, "Come on, come to mama" in the voice you use while talking to a baby.

Except she was talking to my mole.

I tried to hide my smile, but thought about how funny it would be when I shared this with HH after I got home. Call me weird, but that was totally a Joyful Moment. I love sharing funny stories with him and this was a good one!

The second came when we were reunited and I found out that BB had slept the entire time I was gone. I really appreciated HH taking all three kids (he took them plus the dog on a walk to the playground--bonus points!) so I could just relax a bit at the doctor's. This morning was super hectic and crazy, so that was especially nice today.

The first time I left HH alone with Sweet P as a newborn, she started screaming shortly after I left (I fed her right before I left) and he didn't know how to console her. He panicked and called me, frantic to know when I'd be home. Then when I returned home he said, "You can't ever leave without her again." And I felt the shackles close around my wrists and ankles.

I did leave her alone with him again, of course. And he's a much more experienced papa. But it truly was a Joyful Moment to know that BB had slept and not caused any stress while I was out. I'm so glad things weren't more challenging for him than they already are simply with having more kids than you have hands.

Who knew a freaky mole (don't worry, the doc said it was most likely nothing at all) could be the source of so much joy?

Wishing you all Joyful Moments sans the freaky mole!

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Linda said...

This morning we left New York, headed West. We had a super long drive to where I'd made a hotel reservation and we got off late because of having so much to do before we left. So I am feeling a lot of joy because we had no complications and enjoyed our time all along the way. YEA for answers to prayers!