Friday, June 11, 2010

Day 134: Is 'Spunning' a Word?

What is the past tense for "spinning"--as in the gym class? "I went spunning this morning" just kind of sounds really weird. And my auto spell is giving it the red underline, so it can't really be a word. I did spin? Is that any better?

Anyway, HH is awaiting my company for our Friday night movie, so I better quit my musing and make this quick.

I did spin this morning. The first time in 7 weeks. Oh, I've missed that! And apparently, my leg muscles missed it so much that they packed up and left at some point. It was painful and exhausting! But because I'm an exercise freak, it was still my Joyful Moment today. I know getting back into shape is going to be a long process. It just feels so good to be actually on that road again instead of counting down the days. And it's good to reconnect with my quads. And my gluts. Ouch!

Wishing you all less painful Joyful Moments!


Linda said...

I had a joyful time visiting some friends who have a home that Roger and I are coveting. We'd love to find a home like theirs. :0) They have been our friends since before we were married, and since then we have become closer and closer - they are family. And always full of good advice, complete acceptance, and great hugs.

Linda said...

And I think you don't need a past tense for spin because "went" is past tense. :)