Sunday, June 6, 2010

Day 129: So-Sew

I ordered one of those cool nursing cover while I was pregnant with Baby B. I have love loved using it ever since he was born. It's just so nice and convenient.

And then I lost it last week.

And it is SO hot and humid here right now! So, Baby B gets all sweaty and grumpy under the blanket any time we nurse.

Today my mom helped me sew a new nursing cover. Actually, my dad and HH even helped too. It's super cute and I'm SO HAPPY to have a new one!! Joyful Moment.

And HH cooked yumm-o Teriyaki chicken on the new grill I got him for his birthday yesterday. Joyful Moment!

And my dad is waiting for me to end this post so he can go to bed because our computer is in our guest room, so good night!

Wishing you all Joyful Moments that are yumm-o or super cute!


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Linda said...

Lots of joy with you and your family today - What fun - our first ever experience in a dog park! followed by a joyful barbecue! And filled with time with all of you.