Monday, June 28, 2010

Day 151: Fresh Starts

Over the weekend HH wanted to get rid of Z. She just keeps destroying one valuable thing after another. This is not the first time we've discussed finding her a new home, but there was something more determined about it. And I really surprised myself and came to her defense. I didn't realize how much I cared for our dog until yesterday.

So, we devised a new plan to hopefully help her. She's really a good dog--and a very smart dog. So, the problem is just that she gets bored because we don't always have time to devote to her. She's also a very social and energetic dog. So, this has to find an outlet somewhere. And I told HH I would come up with a way to provide her with that.

Remember my goal to run a marathon next year?

Well, I combined the two. Turns out my gym will watch my kids while I run outside. So, I brought the dog along and took her running with me. This was my first time running since Christmas Day. And it went a lot better than I expected. The rush of endorphins, plus the good feelings for spending time giving Z what she needs, gave me a super great high. It was one of the best Joyful Moments I've had since this began. It was really empowering and exciting.

But then, HH just got Baby B to laugh for the first time while I was typing this post and the Joyful Moment brought on by that adorable sound may have topped them all!

Wishing you all Joyful Moments to top them all!


Melanie said...

I haven't shared often lately, but I really had a joyful moment I wasn't expecting. I purchased flip flops for all the kids expect the two year old because I really didn't think he could walk in them. But, he and his brother have been fighting over the flip flops since I bought them. He LOVES them and can walk very well in them. Tonight, I took just him into the store and told him what I was getting him. I have never seen a child his age get so excited over a purchase before in my life. He was so thrilled about it and so proud to wear them. He told everyone. It was so much fun seeing his excitement. What a moment.

Linda said...

We are still looking to find a home, and our realtor was busy with other clients today so I was surprised this afternoon when she called to tell us about a house just listed that might be the "one". Somehow she made time to look and then took time to call me and then changed her plans enough to meet me at the home and show me through it. AND she brought papers to make an offer which I quickly signed. Whether this turns out to be our next home or not, I felt a whole of joy for this good woman who did so much to help us. And as I was driving away, I was overwhelmed with joy for all the family and friends who are praying for us while we house hunt. It's wonderful that even temporal experiences can be spiritual because of Heavenly Father's love.

gus said...

I'm so sorry to hear that you're struggling with Z. If it's any consolation, she's still very much a puppy at this stage. She will outgrow some of the worst traits, though it sounds like you landed a fairly high maintenance canine. The running should probably help quite a bit. Good plan!