Monday, June 7, 2010

Day 130: Giddy School Girls

Sweet P's best friend is a little older than her, so she's in school. That makes it hard for them to hang out during the school year. But school finally got out last week!

So, when Sweet P and Little M were crying about Grandma and Grandpa leaving this morning, I suggested a play date with their friends. Their mom thought that was a great idea and planned to come over early afternoon. But then we hit a snag when they started having car trouble and had to take their car to the mechanic instead of coming to our house.

The kids were pretty disappointed (especially because this meant that they had to take naps now that we wouldn't have friends over). But then my friend called and asked if we could pick them up because the car would have to stay at the mechanic for a few days.

So, we drove down there and loaded everyone into the van and brought them back to our house. Listening to Sweet P and her friend giggling and having the greatest time together in the back seat was today's Joyful Moment. I love how happy they are to see each other and what a great time they have together.

It was also nice to hang out with her mom who is one of my friends and to do a little service.

And Baby B has been Mr. Smiles lately. Joyful Moments all around!

Wishing you Joyful Moments of the cute and giggly variety!

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Linda said...

It was hard to say "good bye" to all of you this morning - thanks for making us wonderful waffles and spoiling us while we were there - You brought us more joy than you know. love you!