Saturday, June 12, 2010

Day 135: I'm Thinking About Getting Our Dog a Pet

A pet rat, that is. Except then my father would never come visit again. He despises the idea of rodents as pets. I tried my best to convince him of the cuteness of a hamster or a gerbil for years without the slightest hint of success.

But through a crazy twist of fate, I wound up taking our dog Z to her training course today, instead of HH. She's a pretty smart dog, so she does really well. Which is good for us, but kind of lame while at training because they have to go a lot slower and spend more time helping the other dog. So, she and I got a little bored.

Then came time to walk around the store to see how her training did when she had distractions and people and dogs to see. We're making very slow progress in that area, but I did learn something new about my dog--she is a big fan of rats. We're talking BIG. Every time we walked past their cage she would stop and sniff each one (although I'm not sure how much she could really smell through the glass) and then stand and stare at them quite intensely. It was really funny. And it was a Joyful Moment today.

Is that a weird Joyful Moment? Maybe. But I can't just repeat the bazillion Joyful Moments I get while interacting with Baby B each day and it was really funny to see how fascinated she was by those rats. I think she would have loved to hop in the cage and play with them. But I doubt this would have gone over well with the rats. She's kind of a big puppy and she gets a little overzealous in her play.

So, if I ever did get her a pet, it would have to be a rat. But since I do want my dad to keep visiting and I don't think the rat would survive her attention for very long, we won't be getting her a pet. I'll just have to keep my eye out for a stuffed rat, I suppose.

Anywho, here's wishing you all rat-free Joyful Moments (unless, of course, you love rats--then I hope your Joyful Moments are rat-full)!


Jen said...

My grandmother's dog used to catch rats and leave them for her (dead) on the back doorstep, possums too. I wonder if that's what Z was thinking today when she saw a cage full of them . . . . For your sake, I'll just hope not and you can have more joyful moments thinking about i!

Meg said...

Mine was the baby shower that Amy and Lisa threw for me. :) No rats were at the scene.

Linda said...

I just read your blog to dad - He says you can go ahead and get her all the rats you want; he's sure she'll kill them before he returns. :)

My joy was being in town so I could be part of Meg's shower; and seeing Megan - she's already a great mom! And appreciating Lisa and Amy for pulling it together. And seeing lots of friends and family there. And looking at Wyatt - He's adorable!