Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Day 124: Web Log

A.K.A. Blog.

Technically I have four of them. But I haven't posted on a couple of them for a couple years. True story.

But I love to write. Pretty much always have. I have several notebooks full of poems and stories I wrote during my school years. And then I graduated from college and I stopped writing. And I became sad. Just kidding. But, ever since I began blogging, I have been reconnected with the joy that I get from writing.

And I married the right man. He's always saying that I'm such a great story-teller and that my posts are so funny (not so much with my posts on this blog since it's kind of a more serious blog, but I try to keep my posts from being too dry). And it makes me feel so great when he tells me these things and encourages me to keep on telling my stories.

I started getting a little behind on my family blog last week and I thought I wasn't really in the mood to post. But then I made myself write a post today and I thought it was witty--not my wittiest, but still entertaining. And it just brought me joy. I love expressing myself that way. And then HH sent me an email telling me he thought it was funny. Thanks for the Joyful Moment, Hot Honey!!!

Wishing you all Joyful Moments brought on by your own stellar wittiness!

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Linda said...

Today I had a very sweet experience. I felt like I should call a friend to find out if they needed a meal delivered since she's recovering from back surgery and her husband has an emergency appendectomy a few days ago. And I found out that they could use a lot of help. We got to be on the giving end of that great story rather than the receiving and it was a true privilege. YEA FOR SERVICE - when we need to receive it and when we get to give it.