Monday, May 31, 2010

Day 123: In Memoriam

Today was actually pretty great. Complete with lots of Joyful Moments. But I think something would be amiss if I didn't share today's obvious Joyful Moment.

Waking up free.

Both of my grandpa's, some uncles, and some cousins have all served in the military. I'm proud of their service and sacrifices and their courage. I'm grateful to all those who've sacrificed so I can have so many rights, freedoms, opportunities, and privileges.

And I'm grateful for this amazing and beautiful country we call home.

Wishing you all the freedom to pursue Joyful Moments!


Linda said...

We sold our Corolla today - Yes, the car you found for us all those years ago. We just didn't think it was worth driving across the country. It's been a great little car, so that's not what brought me joy. My joy came because of my HH's integrity. We sold the car through craigslist and when the the guy came to look at it, instead of him trying to talk us into going down on the price, Roger told him all the little quirks and insisted on lowing the price $700 to compensate. And then he through in the catalytic converter that he bought a while ago, just in case... He tried to talk the buyer into going down another $100 but the buyer seemed to have his own integrity and wouldn't take the car at the lower price. It was awesome!

Meg said...

Dad is so crazy! Oh I love him. What an example. My joyful moment yesterday was when we got home from our MONSTER shopping trip and had everything put away and sat down and rested. I love resting!