Monday, May 24, 2010

Day 116: Smorgasborg

Today was one of those days that I probably would have thought was just a "blah" day before beginning my Joyful Moment journey. It wasn't necessarily a bad day, but it was full of a lot of hard work, some projectile poop that I cannot get to come out of my carpet, Little M dirtying almost every article of clothing he owns, and then him screaming after waking up from his nap like he used to do every day as a toddler.

But in between all that were the moments that I probably would have overlooked if I weren't in the habit of noticing joy in my life.

The workout that I got from the hard work (mostly, mowing our lawn with our push reel mower) felt really good after not exercising for 4 1/2 weeks. I know it was more than I should have done, but I'm not always the brightest when it comes to things like that. And even though it completely wore me out, it did bring me a bit of a Joyful Moment for being capable of doing it.

Giving the kids the opportunity to play outside and ride bikes while I mowed was also a Joyful Moment. I don't usually feel up to going outside with them and the baby, so it felt really good to do it today (BB took an extra long nap allowing for all of this, plus more cleaning and a shower!).

Making cookies with Little M after he finally calmed down (phew!) was totally a Joyful Moment. He is going to make a great husband some day. He loves to help me in the kitchen and he is surprisingly good at it for a three year old.

Cuddling with HH while we all watched part of a movie for our weekly Family Night and then enjoying our cookies were more Joyful Moments.

And so you see, what would have been a "Blah" or even "Bad" day was actually a kind of good day. You just have to know where to look.

Wishing you all Joyful Moments that turn any kind of day into a good one!


Meg said...

I now have a better understanding for the graphic details in your email! :) I'm sorry about the poop. Yuck.

You inspired Wes and I and we're going to watch something and eat something yummy for our FHE. I'm pretty sure that will be a crowning joyful moment of the day.

But also I am officially done as a teacher at Learning Dynamics, and although I'm going to miss the kids, the nesting instinct has me TOTALLY excited to be a full time mom. And the fact that I can do that now brings me pure joy. :)

Linda said...

It seems like a long, long time since I had the "joy" of being mom to a tiny baby. That's because it was a long, long time ago. It's a good thing they wrap themselves around our hearts so quickly.

I found joy listening to some inspiring messages from General Conference while I walked this morning.