Monday, May 3, 2010

Day 95: Chillaxin'

So, last week I pretty much kept up with my normal routine (besides going to the gym, of course). I was afraid to get too far behind with the cleaning and the other tasks that go along with keeping house.

And now that my mother-in-law is here, I had been planning all of these different activities to do with her and the kids. And I figured it would be a good opportunity to continue to keep up with the housework because she can entertain them while I do it.

But then this morning I realized that she is only here for a short time and I'm exhausted. Okay, I didn't realize those this morning--I was already very aware of my exhaustion. But I really started thinking about it and about how the kids are happy just playing here with her and about the fact that taking one week off won't put our house in ruins. In fact, taking advantage of this time to rest might make it easier to keep up with everything going forward.

So... I'm giving myself the week off. I slept in and I took an afternoon nap. And I let my mother-in-law make most of dinner and do the clean up. And she made today wonderful for my kids. And I SO appreciate her for it.

I'm still exhausted, but giving myself permission to take a few days off was definitely a Joyful Moment. And I expect that as the week wears on, maybe, just maybe, I won't feel quite so tired. Maybe. (c:

Wishing you all Joyful Moments of giving yourself permission to do what's really best for you--even if it's a little selfish!


Meg said...

What a weird comment...

Anyway, thanks for inspiring me to take a break too! My joyful moment was eating totino's pizza on the lawn in the sunshine with Weston yesterday. :)

Linda said...

Joy at the CIA - Culinary Institute of America - eating yummilicious foods. And thinking of Kayli every time we walked past the fountain.