Friday, May 7, 2010

Day 99: A-Plane

I was feeling down this morning and then I had to take BB in for his two week check up where they told me that they wished he was gaining a little more weight. Normally, my kids are off the charts even at this early age, so this was a new experience for me. They said it's nothing to worry about, but what sleep-deprived, hormonal new mom isn't going to worry about their kid's weight gain?

And then we had to go to the pharmacy to pick up some items and get a prescription filled. I couldn't get the car seat to fit in the cart, so I was carrying it on one arm and my diaper bag and a shopping basket on the other. That didn't really leave any hands to control the other two kids, so they were running amok, grabbing everything off of the shelves. Needless to say, I was feeling a bit harried and stressed on top of feeling down.

And then Little M came running up past me with his arms stretched out wide, tilted at an angle: "Mom! I'm a a-plane!" (That's not quite how he pronounces it, but it's as close as I can get.) And somehow in that moment when I was feeling ready to break, Someone gave me a gift and helped me see the sweet innocence and joy my little boy was feeling in that moment. And I was able to smile a real, genuine smile and appreciate my child in his childishness.

And it was a tender, sweet Joyful Moment right there in the middle of CVS as we shared that smile together.

Wishing you all Joyful Moments provided by the tender mercy of the Lord.


Melanie said...

I'm sorry you were feeling down. Going to a grocery store with three is a whole new experience. My joy for yesterday was having my baby boy just giggle with delight playing with daddy. It is so healing to see all the smiles and giggles admist so much daily stress in life. Thank goodness for a child's laughter...I really think if peace were a would include the giggle of a child.

Linda said...

My joy came in the mail. Before she came to visit, my sister mailed a beautiful painting, "He is Risen", by Walter Rane. It's very simple, but every time I look at it I see more.