Friday, May 28, 2010

Day 120: Yeh-Hoo!

That's what Little M says when he's excited.

Sweet P had her Kindergarten Physical today and I had asked a friend to watch Little M so I would only have one other child to deal with. Then BB decided he didn't want to waste a trip to the doctor, so he woke up with a scary coughing fit this morning. I was so grateful that I already had things set up for my friend to take Little M!

Sweet P's physical went well except for the three booster shots she had to get--NIGHTMARE!
But then it was over and she got to go to the special "Party Room" where she promptly forgot all the trauma.

And thankfully, BB seems to be okay. Definitely the sickest I've ever had one at this age, but right now we just have to keep an eye on him and a speedy recovery is expected. Phew!

So, we went back to pick up Little M and got a phone call from my mama. She and my dad are moving. They could have moved SUPER DUPER far away, or to a location still far, but not as far as they are now. And they picked the one that isn't far away.


Then we got back to my friend's house and wound up staying and visiting for a while. The kids had a great time playing with my friend's son and I got to talk to an adult. Two days in a row! And this time it was a good friend, so it was even better. And I really like her.

Boom--Joyful Moment.

Wishing you all JOYFUL MOMENTS that require the caps lock key!


Linda said...

It's still sinking that we really are making the move we're making and I'm too stressed to feel all the joy about it yet. So I am anticipating JOY - and maybe that will make it even better.

So my joy today is that WE GET TO COME VISIT YOU NEXT WEEK! YEA!!!!!!!!!!

Meg said...

My joyful moment was the same as one of yours- yay for mom and dad coming to live right by ME! :)