Sunday, May 9, 2010

Day 101: Happy Mommy's Day!

That's what Little M keeps calling it. And I think it's adorable.

Today's Joyful Moments were too numerous to choose just one. And since I have a little fussy-pants in my lap as I'm trying to type, I'm going to share them briefly.

--Wishing my own mother a Happy day. She is indescribably awesome--as a mother, friend, and person

--Being woken by Sweet P bringing me a card she made for me in preschool

--Fitting into one of my favorite skirts again

--Receiving a cute card from Little M that he made in church

--Being served pie during the third hour of church and getting to visit with the other women while someone else sat with my Primary class for me

--HH holding BB so I could eat my pie in peace

--Very thoughtful gifts from Sweet P and HH--beautifully wrapped too!

--HH making dinner

--Being daughter, wife, and mama to such wonderful people!

Wishing you all a Mother's Day full of Joyful Moments!


Melanie said...

Peace. Today was filled with Peace...which seems to be as rare as gold now a days, and I'm thankful to a merciful Heavenly Father for that. My day too was filled with too many numerous wonderful things, but I would be ungrateful to a wonderful husband if I did not mention that although he felt horrible from an ear infection and a sore foot, he was an amazing chef and cooked me a wonderful dinner....even though I told him he didn't have too. He a a dear blessing as well as my five little ones who's smiles and hugs made me so happy.

Meg said...

Mine was watching Weston watch me while I opened my gifts from him!

Linda said...

My joy was overflowing today - my own HH picked out what he thought I should wear today for the first time ever and it happened to be a red dress - my mom's favorite color. That alone was amazing! But on top of the dress was a package with a love note and inside the package were pearl earrings to match the necklace he gave me. I felt my mom's loving arms around me when I was listening to the primary children sing in church. And I felt the love of my children as they each called. Roger says I was on the phone for SEVEN hours. Can that be true? I just know I loved every minute.