Sunday, May 30, 2010

Day 122: Four Hands Are Better Than Two

HH is the Elder's Quorum President at church. For those of you who are of a different faith, that means that he is responsible for the well being and church activities for most of the men ages 18 and up in our congregation.

That means he's kind of busy. Especially on Sundays, thanks to meetings.

On a typical Sunday he helps out with breakfast and baths and then rushes off to his meetings being held before church. Then I get the kids ready the rest of the way, get them some brunch (because church goes right through lunch), get myself ready, feed BB, and then get us all loaded up in the car with everything we need (hopefully!) and we drive to church.

Then we have three hours of church, say a quick 'good bye' to HH, if we can locate him before he heads to his after church meetings, and get back into the car to go home. Then I get the kids a snack, feed BB, read them some stories, sing them some songs, and get them in bed for naps. Then if BB is awake, I entertain him. If he is asleep, I start making dinner.

And at some point, HH gets home.

Let's just say, Sundays aren't always as restful as I'd like them to be.

But today, HH didn't have any meetings. At all. He was there to help get the kids ready for church and even played a couple games with them ("Twist" and "Yahtzter" as Sweet P called them). Then he helped me get everyone in the car and we got to drive to church together. And then after church he came home with us and helped get the kids their snacks and into bed for naps. And entertained BB while I started dinner.

And the Joyful Moment was this morning when I found out that he didn't have any of those meetings. And it truly made everything so much better for me the whole day. He's so great.

Wishing you all Joyful Moments from a nice change in schedule!

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Linda said...

You deserved that break; so glad you got it and appreciated it. I hope you remember that tender mercy and those feelings on future Sundays.

However, we've changed our timing and next Sunday we'll be there to help. We'll try to live up to your HH's example. :) love you!