Sunday, September 27, 2009

Patience, Please

So, I have this crazy cold that can't decide if it's coming or going for a couple of months now. Only, now maybe it's decided it's coming. Which is my way of whining and telling you I'm siiiiick. With 5 i's.

Did anyone else see that episode of Full House?

Does anyone else remember it?

Okay, now that we've established my coolness. And my sickness. I'm not going to post tonight. Because I'm not feeling capable of anything coherent, let alone inspiring. My plan is to post tomorrow. But on top of being unwell, we just adopted a cute little un-house-trained puppy.

So, she keeps me hopping.

But she's cute.

But she refuses to come downstairs where my computer is. So, I will do my best to post tomorrow.

In the meantime, if anyone would like to write a post for me and email it to me at, I can't tell you how much I'd appreciate it. Even if you don't get it done by tomorrow, I would love some more guest bloggers. Or returns from our previous guest bloggers. If you have any friends who are not readers of our blog, but seem to have some of the secrets of abiding joy figured out in their lives, please invite them to write a post. That idea came to me today as I listened to a woman I don't know speak in church today. Unfortunately, she disappeared before I could track her down and ask her to contribute. If I ever find her and get her to agree to it, I know it will be good.

And, while I love this blog, I don't mind a week off every now and then. (c:


Jen said...

I think you deserve a week off Cheryl. :)

Maybe, someday, sooner than later, I'll write a blog post for you about my experiences with this pregnancy. Ok, I said it. That committs me.

What inspired the puppy?

Linsey said...

I totally know the episode of Full House that you are talking about. You are WAY COOL!
I'm sorry you are sick, my family has been really sick for the past two weeks but thankfully I haven't joined in the fun!
I would bring you dinner tonight, but I don't think that I would make it in time! Maybe tomorrow!