Saturday, October 5, 2013

Day 20: Just For Me...And Everyone Else, Too

Today was the first of our two-day General Conference.  Where we get to listen to a prophet and apostles of Jesus Christ, and other church representatives speak inspiring words.

It was wonderful.

We've been promised that if we prepare for General Conference in the weeks leading up to it and come with a question, it will be answered.

My questions this time were kind of really broad and difficult for me to even really articulate.  Fortunately, our Father in Heaven knows my heart and I can communicate with Him without putting my thoughts and feelings into words.

Still, as I prayed this morning, I told Him that I wasn't really expecting an answer to my query.  Since I wasn't entirely sure what my question was, I figured, how could I get an answer?

And then Elder Holland came to the podium.  Before he even began his message, I had a feeling I needed to pay extra attention to his talk.  But, barely after he started, this was confirmed as he began talking about mental illness.

And that's where I struggle to put my feelings into words again.  I just know that talk was for me.  Yet again, I am amazed at the Lord's ability to answer prayers and to meet my very individual needs.  While, at the same time, caring for billions of others just as individually.

You should really listen to Elder Holland's talk.  I know I will again and again.


Meg said...

I was thinking of you during the whole talk. I'm glad you liked it. Love you.

Linda said...

You've done a great job of wording what happened. I had a similar experience with his talk and with another one in the morning session of GC. I knew that I was hearing answers to my questions and concerns, and I felt so much love from Heavenly Father as I listened to his apostles and the prophet. It was such a great GC!