Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Day 2: A Reason For Everything

Parent Teacher Conferences.

Little M has been struggling a bit this year.  Not with his school work, but with his behavior.  So, I was a little nervous about tonight's meeting with his teacher, but it went really well.  Hearing her say, "I love Little M!", was a Joyful Moment to my heart's ears.

Did that make sense?  It was the best way to describe how that felt.  And if hearts really did have ears, that message would have gone straight to them.

Yeah, I'm pretty sure I totally cleared that one up for you.

Also, and totally as expected, more Joyful Moments were to be had when I met with Sweet P's teacher. We pretty much just both gushed about how wonderfully sweet she is.  And I about broke down (I think this is the third time since school started a month ago, and every time I've seen her teacher) while telling her teacher just how grateful I am for whatever she is doing that has made all the difference for Sweet P.  Her stress level is pretty much non-existent, whereas I was feeling certain she was going to develop stomach ulcers the way she was stressing all summer!  She loves school and is a happy learner again.

And when her teacher told me that she is a frequent commenter in class, my heart's ears were happy all over again.


Linda said...

It sounds like the start of a great school year for both. Yay!

Linda said...
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