Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Day 3: Big Heart

The music studio where the kids take violin lessons has a fun little rewards program to help with motivation to practice.  They earn points (usually about 5 per week) for different effort and achievements.  Then they can cash these points in for prizes.  The higher the points, the bigger the prize.  Sweet P is a saver; Little M is a spender.  But, he actually managed to accrue over 30 points, as of tonight.  When he realized this, he quickly told me he wanted to get a prize.

He came back a while later with this.  It's difficult to see, sorry.  It's a clear heart.  I think it's supposed to look like it's a diamond.  He used 20 of his 33 points to get it and he walked in and told me it was for me.  To put on my purse.  My own heart melted in that sweet Joyful Moment.

I've never been more enthusiastic to add a little bling bling to my purse.

This boy can sometimes make me crazy.

But, he can also totally melt my heart with his sweet thoughtfulness.  He is a rare gem in the world of little boys and I am head over heels in love with my sweet Little M and the nonchalant way he'll still reach out to hold my hand when we're walking together.

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