Friday, December 13, 2013

Day 61: What A Difference Anti-Fog Stuff Makes

Today was spent in Grand Turk.  With this sexy man.  On this beautiful beach.  In this gorgeous ocean.

We decided to snorkel out to the coral reef.

See where the water turns from turquoise to dark blue?  That's where the reef was.  It was a little bit of a hike.  Well, the swim version of a hike.

Everyone kept telling us there weren't any fish to be seen and that the water was too murky.

We went anyway.

My mask kept fogging the whole way.  I agreed with those who went before--the water was very murky.  I kept rolling onto my back to try and fix my mask, but in the process always took in quite a bit of salty ocean water, got the mask tangled in my hair and lost plenty of it in the process, and got the goggles back on only to discover they were still completely fogged over.  Which I could only tell in the brief moment I could open my eyes before the salt-water-induced burning made it too painful.

So, it was an awesome trek for me!

HH kept finding all of these sand dollars.  I couldn't figure out how he was seeing them because I didn't realize just how much my fogged mask was inhibiting my view.

And, we actually turned back probably a few yards shy of the reef.  We weren't positive it was out there, and the view under water was so murky for me as we ventured into deeper water, that I got a little freaked out.

So, we headed back to shore and I tried to warm up.

Then this guy came over and told us that he'd heard that the most amazing snorkeling was happening out at that reef--reassuring us it was indeed there.

So, we headed back out.

But, first I checked in at the rental desk to complain about my goggles.  He sprayed some stuff in them.

We went back out.

It was a totally different experience.  With fish.  And a sandy ocean bottom.  And sand dollars galore.  A fairly disappointing reef.  And a sea turtle on the way back.

It was seriously so great.  And so fun.  And even better because I got to share the experience with my HH.

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Linda said...

i remember having that kind of experience with snorkeling, but it SO MUCH FUN that, like you, I thought iw well worth the hassles. I'd love to snorkle again and am quite envious.