Friday, May 30, 2014

Day 96: Still Looking For That

I've had my moments of finding a positive attitude this week.  But, mostly, my attitude has been far less than positive.

And I clearly did a poor (as in, nonexistent) job of posting Joyful Moments here.

So, I'm trying again.  One of my good friends is always saying, "It's okay.  I'm a work in progress."  So, I'm trying to adopt that mantra.  Including with this blog.

I've been seriously struggling the past few days to find a positive anything.  And nothing good comes from that.

Here goes.

I'm going to go back a couple of days.

Wednesday's Joyful Moment was getting a text from a friend.  I miss my friends and my life back at the North Pole SO much.  I keep reminding myself that I know we're are supposed to be here and that good things will happen here.

But, that doesn't make me miss what we had any less.

So, hearing from a friend (and knowing that I'm being missed in return) was just the boost my sad heart needed Wednesday night.

Yesterday's Joyful Moment was snuggles with Darling A.  Granted, they came because she had fallen and hit her head, which is clearly NOT joyful.  But, even after she calmed down, she stayed and snuggled in my lap.  And I needed that snuggly contact so much just then.

So far, today's Joyful Moment was having breakfast ready for my mom before she had to hurry off to the DMV.  It was kind of an accident, but I'm really happy it worked out.  Especially, because she's been making breakfasts for my kids while I sleep in (or mope in bed) every morning since we got here.

And now, I have to go separate two boys who cannot stop fighting this morning.  So, that appears to be all the positive I can muster for now.

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