Friday, January 29, 2010

Day 2: Good Mommy

Yay! I'm so excited that some of you have decided to join in my challenge. It's so much more fun to have others along for the ride.

So, today's Joyful Moment actually stemmed from me. As if I didn't seem egocentric already, right? But it happened this morning when I realized that even though Little M was persisting in being very whiny and trying for the 50 millionth day in a row (okay, maybe a little less than that), I was remaining calm, patient, and--most importantly--loving.

And in addition to being proud of myself for completely kicking yesterday's bad attitude, I felt true joy over the realization that I was doing exactly that. And I had sort of a zen moment while Little M sat on the potty chair crying because there was something about the chair that was bothering him today.

I may be on my way to becoming a Joy Master after all.

Although, after what happened the rest of the day, I'm pretty sure that calm and peace were a gift from Someone. Because Little M has been screaming bloody murder ever since 4 PM. That included while I finished making dinner, while I rocked him in the rocking chair, while
I snuggled next to him in his bed, while I painted his toes (this normally distracts him from anything that is bothering him), while we sat in the doctor's office at the urgent care, while we waited at the pharmacy, while I tried to get him to eat a little more dinner, while I got him ready for bed... you get the picture. He finally stopped about 15 minutes ago when he slipped off to a peaceful, medicated slumber while I sang to him. Poor Little M has bee
n sick with one thing after another for two weeks now.

Even under the best of circumstances he is a very needy child. And when he's sick, it's magnified by a zillion. So, sorry for the long post tonight. I just needed to complain. A great thing to do on a blog with the focus of JOY, huh? I'm just so thankful this didn't happen yesterday. I wouldn't have handled it.

Thanks again for reading. Keep on sharing!


Melanie said...

I put the dishes aside and ran around the kitchen table for 20 min chasing my giggling boys. Why don't I choose to do that more? Oh yeah, I know why...I'm way out of shape...but it was worth the side pain.

love you. :)

Linda said...

Sounds like Mel found a new way to exercise - running laps! :)

We had a sweet surprise. Our dear friend Ann called this morning to say that her flight plans were suddenly changed and asked if we'd meet her and her daughter Julia at the train station and take them home. Lucky lucky us - We got to spend time with 2 of our favorite people and we didn't even have to calendar it! :) We decided to make it even better by feeding them some dinner before we took them home. It was wonderful! On our way home they called to tell us their toilet was leaking so we turned around and Roger spent some time tying to fix it. So we got to spend even MORE time together!