Sunday, January 31, 2010

Day 4: More From the Foodie

Yep. Today's Joyful Moment came from food again.

But this time we had a couple families over for dinner. Part of the joy came from cooking and baking--I LOVE being in the kitchen! We had lasagna, bread sticks, and a fruit salad, with Fudge Jumbles for dessert. Of course, the joy was aided by my preparing the lasagna yesterday and delegating the fruit salad and drinks to our friends. And HH got home from meetings just in time to help with the final preparations of cleaning up my mess, setting up the high chairs for the babies, and setting the table. Cultivating daily joy can take a little preparation and planning. And a little help from your friends.

So, tonight was a big success. The food actually all turned out pretty well. Generally speaking, what I make is pretty tasty, but if we're having people over for dinner something always goes wrong and it looks weird. But tonight it all tasted yummy and looked good to boot. Forgive me for bragging--but it was my Joyful Moment. And then the second part of the joy came from getting to share it with our friends. I also really love entertaining. So, tonight was pretty much a win-win-win for me.

And my tummy is going to bed happy two nights in a row!

Thanks again for sharing your joys with me! Keep on spreading the joy!


Melanie said...

I find a lot of Joy serving in my Primary calling and seeing the children feel the spirit while having fun.

Linda said...

I talked on the phone with my dear friend, Gus, for the first time in months. She's the kind of friend that even if it's a lllloooonnnnggg time since we talked it feels like we talked yesterday. Friendships bring me a lot of joy.

Christy said...

I have a question...I also love entertaining and having people over. It makes me happy. However, I have found lately that whenever I try to invite people to do something, no one wants to come. And that makes me sad. So what do I do? Do I learn how to be happy without having friends or do I keep trying and keep getting rejected?

P.S. My joyful moment today was taking the time to stretch and relax after my workout this morning even though I was late to work. It was wonderful!

Kristen said...

Having a happy pregnant belly is a must. I love your pregnancy picture by the way!