Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Day 1021: I Seriously Underestimated

This may be a horrible admission, but it's Little M's smarts I'm referring to there.  Don't get me wrong--I knew he was a smart boy.

I just didn't realize how smart.

But, since school started and I've seen what he brings home, I started getting an inkling.

Tonight, I got a better look into that at Little M's parent teacher conference.  Remember, I was a little apprehensive about this.  But, his teacher pretty much just had great things to tell about him.  She really likes him.  He's doing a great job of listening and following directions.  And he's one of only a handful in an advanced reading group out of the whole Kindergarten.  And he's above level in math, too.  Yeah, I'm a little proud.

Sorry for the bragging.

I'm a little ashamed.

But, not enough to un-type it.

I also had a nice chat from my little sister.  I'm looking forward to a Joyful Moment from the arrival of her little baby any day!


Linda said...

Way to go, Little M. I'm happy that his teacher recognizes all that talent and ability.

Cheryl said...

Me too!