Monday, October 1, 2012

Day 1019: FroYo

The kids had no school today.

This literally gave me a panic attack last night.  We somehow ran completely out of milk, so I knew I had no choice but to take them ALL to the grocery store with me.  ALL 4 of them.  Before we could have breakfast.

Because, for some reason I couldn't think of a breakfast that did not require milk until long after the milk had been purchased.

Anyone ever heard of scrambled eggs?

Should I still be struggling this much now that my baby is 3 1/2 months old?

Anyway, I finally came up with a plan for the day with HH just before falling asleep last night.  One that I could live with, but I thought the kids--who have been begging to do all sorts of different fun outings all weekend--would dislike immensely.

Imagine my relief when I explained it to them and they said, "Cool!  That's super busy.  I thought today was going to be a boring day, but it's not!"

I was confused at how that all worked out, but I wasn't about to question their logic since it ended in happiness.

So, we headed to the grocery store for our milk and picked up a few donuts (bagel for me--I am at least still trying to avoid sugar), hurried home to put the milk and produce in the fridge, headed off to the violin shop for some long overdue and much needed repairs on Little M's instrument, managed to entertain four children in a tiny space full of very expensive and very breakable instruments for over half an hour while the very skilled, but very lacking in people skills man helped us out and then took a "very important" phone call in the middle of ringing us up which lasted about 10 minutes before he could finally resolve our bill and send us happily on our way, then to the gym for a run I was not really looking forward to, but which ended up being rather nice in spite of the delightful wind, and then home.

The morning was pleasant simply because everything went better than I expected.

Lunch time was decidedly unpleasant because it was late and everyone needed everything all at once.  Ah!

But, we got through it and then the kids requested to watch this movie while Baby B slept.  Not on Youtube though.  We actually own it.  And since it's faith-centered, how could I say 'no'?

So, I had a peaceful break.  I got to take a shower and get a few things done.  It was really nice.

Then, the kids made popcorn for a snack.  All by themselves.  Well, I directed.  But, I was feeding Darling A, so that was all I could do.  The oldest three did all of the rest all by themselves.  It was really sweet to see them working together and how proud they were at the end.  It was air popped, not microwave, so it really did require a little effort. (c:

Anyway, we were supposed to go mini golfing tonight for Family Home Evening to reward the kids for being in bed by 7:30 every night last week.  But, it was a chilly overcast day, so we made alternate plans just in case.  The kids voted to go to a local frozen yogurt bar.  And although it wasn't raining, it was late by the time HH got home and everyone finished dinner.  And windy.  So, the frozen yogurt won out.

I know what you're thinking.  But, I have drastically reduced my daily sugar intake.  I've splurged a few times.  Each time I've been sick the rest of the night.  That has made it easier to resist.  So far, tonight I'm feeling okay, but I'm still not going to go all sugar/treat crazy--no worries!

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