Sunday, September 30, 2012

Day 1018: Mirror, Mirror

Today has been a day of oscillating emotions.


The good thing is, I'm blessed with a plethora of truly amazing friends.  And a fabulous HH.

He spoke today and did an incredible job.  I've never heard such feedback on a talk as I got in his behalf.  That's because my usually reserved HH comes out of his shell in times like that.  And when he does he so charismatic, poised, insightful, candid, and just plain fun that people can't help but like him immensely.

That is why he was constantly surrounded by a gaggle of girls when I first met him.  And somehow, he looked past them all and settled on me.

And what a ride that's ended up being...

Anyway, it was nice today for our friends to catch a glimpse of the man I get to be with all the time.

And later tonight, as I got Darling A ready for bed, I stood her up to look at herself in the mirror.  At first it was just big smiles for the cute baby in the mirror.  Then, delighted squeals.  And then, full on belly laughs.

It was so fantastic.  We were all in there watching her and loving every minute of it.

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Linda said...

I wish we'd been there to listen and learn from your sweetheart. And to see Darling A laugh at herself.

Our Primary program was today and it was wonderful. We still feel connected to the kids we taught and they did a great job.