Monday, September 17, 2012

Day 1005: HH Is Really Funny

I just thought you all should know that.  I love his sense of humor and his jokes and I love when he makes me laugh.

And today was a day desperately in need of laughter.  Baby B is just a challenge.  With Little M it was my ears that took the damage.  Baby B definitely has done his share with those too, but lately I'm pretty sure my back is going to break from all of the chasing and hefting and dragging I have to do with him.  And his issues are just leaving me emotionally exhausted.

But then he'll turn around and share a delightful giggle, or ask me for a kiss.

Thank goodness for moments like that!

And all the tiny little moments smiling with Darling A.  I came SO CLOSE to getting her to laugh today.  She appears to be just as stubborn with those giggles as she was with the smiles.  But, I'm sure they'll come eventually.  She's too happy not to giggle one of these days.

I love her.

And we had a fun Family Home Evening tonight making some new healthier lifestyle goals for the whole family.  No treats or junk food for six weeks!  With a couple of exceptions for things already scheduled.  And 7:30 PM bedtime for the kids and 10:30 PM bedtime for Mom and Dad.

Mostly, I did this because I've needed to for a while, but I'm lacking the motivation.  Being accountable to the whole family should *hopefully* do the trick!

I was pleased with how willing everyone else was though.  I'm excited to see how we all feel in 6 weeks!

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