Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Day 999: Working Hard

I realized something today--life the past little while (i.e. the recent string of good days) has been relatively easy.

Don't get me wrong, it hasn't been devoid of tantrums and challenges, it just hasn't hit one of those completely overwhelming moments.

I realized that today because today we did hit one.  I was exhausted and hungry after an intense workout and a tantrum-filled grocery trip.  Both of the youngest two were full on screaming.  I had a carload of groceries to put away.  And plenty of clutter from Baby B's morning exploits.  And dirty hands.

The germophobe in me is always on high alert after a trip to the grocery store.

Anyway, maybe it doesn't sound all that bad in writing.  But, in the heat of the moment it was intense and stressful.

I wanted to cave in, but I didn't.  I just plodded through tackling one disaster at a time until they were all tackled.

Not necessarily a Joyful Moment, but a triumphant one, at least.

And then, the rest of the day went well enough.

Except violin practice.  It went better than well enough.  Both kids did really well.  This one worked really hard especially.  And I was quite proud of him.  That was a Joyful Moment.

Wishing you all the satisfying Joyful Moments that come at the end of some really hard work!


Linda said...

Your triumph sounds quite joyful to me. Good for you! And good from your budding violinists! I love listening to them.

I taught a lesson on faith in the care center close to our neighborhood and had a joyful experience. Even more joyful because another woman played this -ttp://grooveshark.com/#!/search/song?q=Jenny+Oaks+Baker+Love+Is+Spoken+Here - on her violin and it reminded me of your oldest two.

Cheryl said...

Thanks, Mom! That is beautiful! Thanks for sharing. I'll have to play it for the kids.

Amy said...

I realized a couple of days ago how close you were-and I'm so excited for you to have made it to 1000! You are amazing.

My JM yesterday was taking of Russell's cast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cheryl said...