Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Day 1013: Sing Like No One Is Listening

I began this morning with a fervent prayer that I'd be able to get dinner made for my friend.

That prayer was answered, but only just.  Next time I'll pray for it to be easy.

The kids got out of school early today, so I told them we could go hang out with friends after they got home.  Then, I realized this meant I had to have most of dinner ready before they got home.  I spent every free moment on dinner prep.

Then we raced through violin practice.  While Sweet P was setting hers up, I glanced out back and saw Little M sitting on one of the outside toys, singing at the very top of his lungs.  It was this song.  Don't judge me by the music my kids know.  But, it made me so happy to see how happy and free he was just blasting that as loudly as he could.

We finished up violin and headed off to quickly play with friends.  It was a Joyful Moment to watch them play and have some adult conversation with my friends.

Then we hurried back home and I finished making dinner.

These carrots went into the soup.  This photo is why everyone should grow a garden.  Aren't they fantastic?

I was feeling pretty good about things, but then all at once, the soup started boiling over, Darling A woke up screaming, and Baby B had a poopy diaper.  Oh, and the bread finished baking in the oven.  Without going into too graphic of detail, just know that a few moments later, poop was also all over the boys' bedroom floor.  The soup was still boiling and the bread was still in the oven.  Although, the bread turned out really pretty, I'm not going to lie.

And my sweet little baby girl was still crying her eyes out.

Fortunately, HH arrived home just in time and was able to get Darling A out of her bed and then take dinner to our friends while I got the rest of it under control.

He even got the house back in order while the kids and I were at violin lessons.

It was a pretty crazy day.  And I'm pretty sure that without the joy that service brings, it would have been a bad day.  Instead, it was just crazy.  But, I still felt good at the end of it.  Funny how sacrifice has a way of doing that.


Belkycita said...

Okay, I really couldn't stop laughing when you said "Next time I'll pray for it to be easy"
Seriously this is happening too often to me this last month, I pray for help and I get it and then I realized I could have been a tad more specific.

Oh and I had a day just like yours this past week. Great idea of serving others and then I pack the day with stuff and then I am trying so hard to get things done, the clock ticks, time's up things get done but I feel like I just wrestled 3 Sumo guys.

P.s. take a video of the boy next time, it sounds like it will be something to see.

Linda said...

:) love you!