Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Day 1007: Gigglier

Is that a word?  Because it describes Darling A today perfectly.  First giggles were this morning during a photo shoot with one of my talented friends.

Do you know how much I love these cheeks?  I can't even describe it.  They are so smoochable and perfect.  I spend as much time with my cheeks pressed up against hers as possible.  I love her.

Unfortunately, it ended in tears.  And screams.  And that part lasted long after we left.  That was a little sad.

We took our sad face over to another friend's beautiful home for a massive gathering of billions of friends.  Maybe not quite billions, but there were a lot of my pretty friends there.  Darling A struggled a bit off and on until we got her all snuggled into her favorite blankie and sound asleep.  Baby B had a great time playing with his friends, too.

The house sort of felt claustrophobic for me once we got home.  Actually, I guess I felt claustrophobic in the house.  Do houses ever feel claustrophobic?  That would be weird.  Anyway, I tried cleaning up (we'd left in a rush and left things quite messy this morning), but nothing seemed to help.  I just struggled this afternoon.

Fortunately, HH came home.  And after dinner, we got to sit on the couch while he made Darling A giggle and giggle and giggle some more by "throwing" her up in the air.  She loved it!  And it was the first he heard her laugh and that made me so happy.  It was so cute and fun and I actually caught it on video!

And then, I was able to really take a little break from the claustrophobic house (and crazy children) and picked up a couple groceries while my fabulous HH put the kids to bed.  I really needed that tonight.  Thanks HH.

And then we decided to throw caution to the wind and watch a movie together on a weeknight.  What?!  We are so wild.

But it was fun.


Linda said...

SHE. IS. ADORABLE. That photo is a JM all by itself!

Cheryl said...

I. AGREE.!!!