Thursday, September 27, 2012

Day 1015: I Really Do Need Eyes In The Back Of My Head

Complete with x-ray vision to see through walls.

Today was not my favorite.

The morning was especially hectic.  And Baby B has been going full throttle with his brand of crazy.  He's going to destroy my house.  And my sanity.

And who knows what else.

He and Darling A tag teamed it today, so I never got a break today.  I love love love my baby girl.  And I love holding her.  But, sometimes I need a break from it.

I did get to snuggle with the two of them for a bit, and although it wasn't the best timing, that is always a Joyful Moment.

Parent Teacher Conferences were tonight, so again my day revolved around getting dinner ready.  It's amazing how a simple meal takes all day now.

At the last minute, Little M's teacher had to cancel due to illness.  But, I still made it to Sweet P's.  That is always a delight, but this was probably the best yet.  There were multiple areas where she said that Sweet P was "the best" at such and such.  I don't mean to brag, but... well, how can I not?  It was definitely a bright spot in my day.  She's such a great student.  Almost too great.  I worry about the pressure she puts on herself.  I hope we can find a happy balance before she gets older and the pressures get bigger.

Then tonight was pure chaos while HH was gone to Scouts.  I don't even want to talk about it.  It was frustrating and depressing.

And I am utterly exhausted.  An 8:30 bedtime never sounded so good.

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Linda said...

Sounds like a rough rough rough day - I'm sorry. Is your HH a scout leader now?

My JM was having my HH help me figure out how to reduce pain in my atrophied foot - aaaahhhhh...