Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Day 1212: Whopper

That was today.  It was a whopper of a day.

Mostly rough.

But, the good that happened was bigger than all of the bad.

That's a little vague and cryptic, but I'm really too tired to share it all.  Basically, I'm good.  And I'm happy.  And I'm feeling much stronger (in a resilient way) than I've felt in a while.

See how nervous she is in this photo?  She was beyond stressed about school this morning.

So, the best Joyful Moment of my day was when she walked in the door this afternoon with a big smile on her face and said it was a great day.  And that her teacher is really nice.  I met her teacher at the Open House last week (Sweet P was at a church activity and missed it) and can totally verify--she's super nice.  And so perfect for Sweet P.  I consider it a mammoth of a blessing that she was placed in her class.

Anyway, they both had a great day.  And that made me SO happy!

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Linda said...

Cute hair on Sweet P! And adorable in that CUTE CUTE dress! Great Grin from Little M also!