Sunday, August 4, 2013

Day 1210: HH = BFF

I was kind of blindsided this weekend as I was hit with a level of depression I haven't dealt with in a while.

I'm grateful it's been so long, but at the same time, it's all the more challenging.  Because every time there is a long gap in between, I start to think that I've finally kicked it.  Or, at least, the worst of it.

The troubling thing is that we can't figure out what triggered it.  I mean, life isn't all bliss and roses right now, but none of the issues I'm dealing with are really that big.  Nothing more major than what I've dealt with the last several months without dipping this low.

So frustrating.

And... well, depressing.

Fortunately, I have an amazing HH.  Who stands by me through it all.  He has way more patience with me and my issues than I do.  And he just keeps supporting and encouraging and loving me.

I would be absolutely lost without this man.

Choosing him was the single greatest thing I've ever done in my life.  I still can't believe that he chose me.  And that he keeps choosing to stick it out with me through thick and thin.  But I'm pretty sure that makes me the luckiest girl alive.

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Linda said...

That's an ADORABLE photo of the two of you. So happy you two found each other and decided to make your eternity together 10 years ago. love you!