Monday, July 1, 2013

Day 1205: Here Fishy, Fishy

I don't understand this.

That's a worm in her hand.

I think there may have been a day when I did understand that.  But, I'm a little bit taller now.  And much more easily grossed out.

I might have screamed about a spider crawling on the door yesterday, totally freaking HH out because he thought I was screaming about something actually scream-worthy.

HH took the kids fishing tonight.

I mean, technically, we all went.  It was Family Home Evening, after all.

But, HH did all the nasty work.  De-tangling fishing lines, tying endless knots and hooks, baiting hooks, and casting.  Over and over again.  And with three kids who really don't know what they are doing, it was a never ending and thankless job.

He is such a great dad.

Have I mentioned that I love him?

Prior to all the yuck, I had a pretty good day, too.  There was a brief moment this morning when I thought I was going to slip all the way down into oblivion, but I was able to regroup and carry on.  I got adjusted and worked on by my new chiropractor.  I brought all four kids with me this time and they did so unbelievably great.  For a full 30 minutes.  It was amazing.

And I felt a ton better after.  I didn't really stretch well after my race on Saturday, so I was pretty stiff and sore and he helped work a lot of that out, thankfully.  Plus, he gave me a couple more exercises to do to help strengthen the weak areas where I keep getting injured.

And then by some miracle, Baby B and Darling A actually took a nap at the same time this afternoon.  That hasn't happened much since our schedule has been all out of whack all summer.  And it's pretty much impossible to make things happen and keep up with life when they don't both sleep at the same time.

My house is not clutter-free, but it is a heck of a lot closer to it than it was this morning.  I am thrilled.  And I even mopped my kitchen floor.

And I'm caught up on this blog.

Amazing what an hour and a half without my cute youngest two can help achieve.

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Linda said...

:o) Simple pleasures really are the best. love you! (And I love the photo of Sweet P; it makes me smile.)