Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Day 639: Perfect Night For Ice Cream

So, I failed to mention that we had a glorious warming spell for Halloween.  I mean, I was actually outside in a short sleeve shirt for the first part of the festivities.  And even as it cooled down, I still didn't have to worry about the kids getting the least bit cold.

It was sort of amazing.

Fast forward to today (two days later, in case you can't keep track).  We had a down pouring of snow.  SNOW!  It's so cold and yucky out!

But that didn't stop me and a bunch of friends getting together to eat ice cream and celebrate the birthday of one of our sweetest friends.  She's been an especially good friend to me and also happens to be the amazing violin instructor of not one, but two of my children.

So, hanging out to celebrate her was definitely the Joyful Moment of this cold day!

Wishing you all Joyful Moments on yucky, cold days!


Linda said...


We had similar Halloween weather, and a similar drastic change in the temperature. I'm almost ready for spring. :) Right after Christmas...

My dear friend, Ann, is in town (for Greg's reception) and we met for lunch and visiting. Definite JM for me!

Meg said...

My JM today was watching Wyatt laugh his head off at the leaves blowing across the parking lot. He thought it was just the greatest thing ever! Who knew wind was so cool?!

Cheryl said...

Mom--I wish I could have been there for his reception! Is it this weekend? If so, give him a big congratulatory hug for me, please.

Meg--Laughing babies are the best!