Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Day 666: More Mama

My mom will probably be my Joyful Moments for the next few days.  I'll try to mix it up, but I just really love my mama.

So, we'll say that today's Joyful Moment was working out with her.  Combining running and talking to one of my favorite people to talk to was so fun!

Wishing you all Joyful Moments that you can't help but be a repetitive about because they're just that great!


gus said...

I certainly have to agree with you! She IS just that great!

Linda said...

Thanks for making me feel so loved. And special. I love you.

Dad asked what we did today and I couldn't name anything monumental, just all those joyful mundane tasks that moms do regularly and that grandmas get to do when they're as lucky as I am. Thanks for sharing your day with me.

Linda said...

BTW, thanks for not making me clean up my plate at lunch. :) That wasn't my JM but it's making me smile now.

Cheryl said...

Gus--It's only too bad you couldn't have been here with us!

Mom--Right back at you!

gus said...

Cheryl... I had the same thought when I posted my comment (about it being too bad we couldn't all three of us have been together.) Maybe someday we'll arrange it?

Cheryl said...

Gus--I hope so!