Monday, November 14, 2011

Day 651: Patience, Turkey

The kids helped me make these cupcakes this afternoon:

We made a few more, but by then it was too messy to pull the camera out.  The darker one was a Nutella one Sweet P tried.  It definitely sounded tastier than frosting, but it didn't hold together quite as well.  Making them with the kids was today's Joyful Moment, though.  They're getting to be quite proficient in the kitchen and I really only had to help with the eyes on the cupcakes they decorated.  And Baby B sat happily on a stool and watched the whole thing.  I was amazed he didn't get jealous and beg to be involved, but he just sat happy as a clam.

We've only just started letting him sit on a bar stool.  They don't have backs, so it makes me quite nervous.  But he is ridiculously happy, it's hard to resist.  I just stay close.

Anyway, it was a fun Joyful Moment-y afternoon getting crafty in the kitchen with my young'uns.  And then Little M taught our Family Home Evening lesson about Tom the Turkey Learns Patience.  Which made these little guys the perfect treat to end our evening.

Good times.

Wishing you all Joyful Moments leaving you as happy as a toddler on a bar stool!


Linda said...

Please tell me how you did the heads on your turkeys? They are so cute!

My joy was having the dentist figure out why I had residual pain from the root canal last week. His discovery created some new pain, but that was much better than the previous pain because now my mouth is going to get all better.

Cheryl said...

Oh, Mom! I hope it's feeling better quickly! The middle turkey's head is made from two milk duds stuck together with chocolate, a candy corn stuck on with chocolate, tiny dots of white frosting with broken sprinkle bits for the eyes. The one on the left is made from a tootsie roll warmed in the microwave, sliced into two pieces and then rolled to be the right shapes. But the recipe actually calls for two mini York Patties, which I know are your favorite.