Monday, January 2, 2012

Day 700: Sweet P Seven

I cannot believe that today marks seven years for me being a mommy.  Seven.

This little sweetheart is great at showing her appreciation for any and all effort made to make her day special, so you can bet that today was full of Joyful Moments for all of us.

We started it off with the crepes with real maple syrup she requested.  With a candle in it, of course.  After breakfast, HH had to go help a family load a moving truck, so the kids played while I decorated the cake. She was pretty excited about that because she designed it herself.

Here she is placing the finishing touches on her Littlest Pet Shop cake.  It was probably the easiest cake I've ever done, but it was what she wanted.  She even drew me a picture to help out.

And yes, those party hats stayed on pretty much ALL day.

When HH returned we had lunch--squid hot dogs (hot dogs with cooked spaghetti in them) and tomato soup.  And a special fruity drink.  Oh, and edamame, her favorite veggie.

Then we went to the dreaded Chuck E. Cheese to let the kids burn off some of their excited energy.  It actually wasn't too bad.  And the kids all had a blast.

Then later on this evening, we headed out to Texas Roadhouse.  Sweet P had earned a couple of free kids' meals there and I told her we'd go when she finished that last song in Book 1 for violin.  It worked out nicely that it coincided with her birthday, too.  She had a lot of fun there and was shyly pleased to have her birthday announced to everyone there.

Then home again to open presents and eat cake.  And, like I said, she's really great at showing appreciation, so giving her gifts is always a Joyful Moment.  And she devoured her cake.  Yay.

Wonderful day celebrating my sweet sweet little girl.  Who is growing up way too quickly.  I love you, Sweet P.

Wishing you all Joyful Moments with someone as sweet as my Sweet P!


Melanie said...

Happy Birthday Sweet P. Aunt Melanie has fallen behind yet again! Love you!

Linda said...

We love you, Sweetie Pie! And we are so proud of who you are and the good things you are doing. We look forward to another year of loving you and watching you grow.

Cheryl said...

Mel--Don't worry since Aunt Cheryl is never even close to being on top of birthdays!

Mom--Thanks for the phone call! Made her smile.