Saturday, January 21, 2012

Day 718: Craving Satisfied

A friend mentioned cinnamon rolls on facebook earlier in the week.

I have been craving them ever since.


Big time.  But it had to be gooey, buttery, extra cinnamony, and did I mention buttery?  There was this fabulously seedy restaurant where I grew up that had the MOST amazing cinnamon rolls.  I think an entire stick of butter was used in the making of each individual roll.  Granted, they were pretty large cinnamon rolls... so, that it was justifiable.

Anyway, that is what sounded good to me.  Unfortunately, I'm a long way away from there.  And I have no clue where to find a gem like that.

So, I was forced to make my own.  Which meant, I had to wait for a day that I had energy for it.  Which didn't really happen, so yesterday I broke down and bought some frozen dough to help out.  Did you know Rhodes now makes a frozen "sweet" dough?


So, I thawed the dough yesterday, but that plum wore me out, so I had to wait to make them until this morning.  And then I had a random bout of morning sickness for most of the day, so they sat uncooked in my fridge until tonight.

When I finally felt better and baked them.  The kids were about to mutiny by this time.

I won't confess to you what all we had for dinner.

But I did take it with an extra large helping of salad.

Anyway, those cinnamon rolls were delightful.  And finally satisfying that craving was a very satisfying Joyful Moment.

And now, I'm discovering that maybe that craving was actually a subliminal message from the little one because someone (don't worry, we find out the gender in a little over a week and then I will come up with a name to use here!) has been doing somersaults in my belly ever since.

Wishing you all Joyful Moments that make you want to somersault!


Linda said...

You made me chuckle - THANKS! We're also excited to hear the news when you get it.

My JM was finally organizing my pantry and food storage today. I'm doing a 52 week home organizationa and that was the task for this week, but I didn't have enough time to work on it until today. And even though I was tempted to quit about a zillion times in the process, I just kept going. And now I know what I have and where I have it. :)

Do you like your new phone?

Cheryl said...

I'm SUPER excited to find out!

I need to do that 52 week organization. Incidentally, I actually organized my pantry last week on my own.

Of course, Baby B has kindly disorganized it for me a number of times since...

Linda said...

GOOD FOR YOU!!! So nice that you have such a good little helper...