Thursday, January 26, 2012

Day 723: Naughty

Little M was on a roll today.

I'm pretty sure he did every naughty thing he could think of.  And I put him to bed with the sinking feeling that, most likely, he probably did at least 50 more naughty things today than I am even aware of.

It was seriously a day for the record books.

Kind of a downer as a mom.  This child has a knack for doing that to me.  I just feel like he's totally out of control and I have no idea where I went wrong, or even how to discipline 85% of what he's doing.


Anyway, one of the naughty things he did was keep Baby B up at nap time.

One of the times I went in to check on/scold them, I discovered that Baby B had dismantled his bedding.  This is something he does frequently.  As in, throwing all bedding out of the crib--including the fitted sheet.

Only this time, he had only pulled off three corners and then was sitting under it.  Like a ghost.  He was totally still and quiet when I walked in, but come on, it was pretty obvious he was sitting under there.  So, I walked over and lifted up the sheet.  He smiled sweetly up at me and proudly declared, "Boo!"

How can you scold that?

It was so cute/funny/sweet/adorable.  I knew it shouldn't be, but it was today's Joyful Moment.  It was just so cute!

I didn't get the photo of it since I feel strongly against taking photos of children when they are misbehaving--no matter how cute the misbehavior is--because I think it sends a mixed message.  And the only time I wanted to take a picture today, I again resisted because this time Baby B was nude.  But he was attempting to sweep my living room floor (carpeted).  Actually, he was wearing socks.  It was hilarious.  Sorry you had to miss it, but I'm still undecided on nudie pics.

So, here is this gem I came across last night from nearly a year ago.

Wishing you all Joyful Moments and control over the preschoolers in your life!


Linda said...

I do love that photo!!! Your JM reminded me of the commercial where the kids are doing something with water and they should get into trouble but instead the parents start laughing and they all have a waterfight. You know that commercial??? So, I think the message is that laughter can be one of the ways to deal with the woes of parenthood. Especially on the kind of day you described. And you made me (one of his grandmas) chuckle too.

I went to a potluck dinner/inservice meeting tonight and had such a good time with my ward members. And the 10 min lesson was about how to teach chldren to recognize the Holy Ghost. It was time well spent and enjoyed. And my HH comes home tonight!!!!!

Nikki said...

Cheryl, you are such a great mother! Your steadfastness will pay off :).

Meg said...

I couldn't stop laughing picturing him sitting so still when you came in. Was it b/c he got caught?

Oh so cute! Thanks for sharing. My JM was having Weston come work from home around 2. Even though he was tucked away and working, I was happier knowing that he was nearby. :)

Melanie said...


The naughty ones end up secretly being our favorites. Hang in there.

Love you so much!

Cheryl said...

Mom--I don't think I know that commercial, but it sounds cute!

Nikki--Oh, thank you for your kind words of encouragement! They help!

Meg--I wish you could have been here, it was so cute! I'm glad you got to have some nearness of Wes!

Mel--How long does it take? (c: