Monday, June 11, 2012

Day 908: Forward

It took a colossal effort at times, but I think the overall direction for today was forward.

It helped that I got to do yoga, with a really good friend substituting for our regular instructor.  And she did a fabulous job.  It felt really good and I was able to modify when needed, so that I didn't overdo it this time.  Joyful Moment when I found out she'll be teaching again tomorrow.

Another Joyful Moment when I tasted the Beef and Broccoli stir fry I made for dinner tonight.  It sounded awful to me from the get go, so I was planning on eating any, but then it smelled really good.  I tasted it and it was really good!

And then a Joyful Moment when we walked/rode bikes/scooters to the park for Family Home Evening tonight.  Not exactly "at home", but after last night, I had no desire to try to get all of the kids to sit still and listen to a lesson.

Wishing you all Joyful Moments that move you in the right direction!


Amy said...

Glad you're moving in the right direction. Glad you were able to make food for your family AND enjoy it yourself. Not always feasible with a prego sense of taste and smell, I know.

My JM was rearranging some stuff so Scott could go with me to the hospital for Russell's cast in July!

Meg said...

Did you use the recipe I posted? If so, I totally understand why you loved it. :) And what a fun FHE activity!

My jm was going to the dino museum with my friend Erin who was visiting from NY. And I had another when I got all the dishes done after working on them for about an hour last night!

Melanie said...

We did a bike ride for FHE too. One of the best FHE in a long time. Love you..hang in there..she's almost here so you can hold her.

Cheryl said...

Amy--So true about prego and eating. HIP HIP HOORAY! for the schedule changes and Scott being able to be there. I am seriously, so happy for you!

Meg--I didn't remember that you'd posted one. I actually like the one I always use, but when I'm pregnant I almost never want dinner by the time I'm done making it. Too much time smelling/looking at it, I guess. And I'm so glad you had a great visit w/Erin!

Mel--So fun. You've been on my brain a ton lately. I miss you.

Linda said...

this was just a busy busy day for me and I made a ton of progress. Your dad stayed home today (not feeling well) and we enjoyed every minute together. It was like FHD instead of FHE. :)

Cheryl said...

Mom--Besides Dad being sick, it sounds wonderful!