Monday, June 18, 2012

Day 915: Homecoming

I cannot express what a Joyful Moment this was for me.  A little scary since he has no idea just how fragile she is, but he was so cute and excited to hold her.  And it was such a relief and a sweet moment to watch.

Unfortunately, she started screaming and he about dumped her on the floor in his haste to have "Gwama!  Take da baby!"  But, he has since had better opportunities to hold her.

HH and I came home early this afternoon.  I'll be honest, I'm struggling a bit already.  I'm so nervous to have him go back to work.  And even more so for when my mom leaves next week.  It took all day, but finally this evening I realized that I'm just overwhelmed with how to split myself in such a way that I can somehow make six people (and a dog) happy.  How do I meet all of our needs?  I already upset Sweet P greatly tonight when I told her there wasn't enough time for a game she wanted to make up for Family Home Evening (it was already after 7 PM and these kids are SO tired!  Well...we all are).

I'd forgotten how much a new baby upsets the balance.  We'll survive this, right?

Wishing you all Joyful Moments and the peace of mind to truly enjoy them!


Melanie said...

Yes, you will survive....and in a few months no one will remember what it was like without her. congrats. She's beautiful.

Linda said...

My JM was Sweet P's amazing Family Home Evening lesson, one of the best I've ever been a part of. You and your HH must be doing a lot of things right to have such sweet kids.

Cheryl said...

Mel--Thanks for the reassurance!

Mom--Wasn't it great? She's a sweetie!