Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Day 924: Noises

My mom kept saying that Darling A is a noisier baby than most.  At first, I didn't agree.  But, as time has passed, I do.

I've tried to upload a video my mom took today, but Blogger is being Blogger and won't do it.

And words cannot describe the funny sounds she makes.  But it's been a Joyful Moment all day giggling over them.  She makes almost all of them in her sleep and it's just so funny!

Sorry, you don't get hear.

My other, serious, Joyful Moment today was when HH and Sweet P arrived home this afternoon.  It was Sweet P's third annual surgery to replace the medical implant in her arm treating a health condition.  It was a much smaller deal this year since she wasn't also having a tonsiladenectomy and sinus irrigation like last year.  But, being a mama, I still worry.

She walked in all smiles (she got to watch Return of the Jedi while waiting for the seriously behind surgeon) and hasn't missed a beat since.

Here is a cute photo of a happy Sweet P my mom took tonight.

And then another Joyful Moment was having my mom get to tuck the kids in to bed one last time (they love her silly songs!) when her flight got delayed until the morning.
Wishing you all noisy Joyful Moments!

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