Saturday, June 30, 2012

Day 927: Can Wii Play?

After some negative experiences with other people's video gaming issues, I vowed that we would never own a gaming system in our home.

Then I brought Darling A home from the hospital and saw that my kids clearly need something they can do to stay active while it's super hot outside and I can't take them places.

And I realized that it's basically like we already have one with how much time the spend playing games on HH's phone.

So, HH kindly did the groundwork of researching what exactly we wanted and then purchasing it all.

And today, our Wii arrived on our doorstep.

While it was fun to watch the kids play (minus a few tantrums by perfectionist Sweet P), my true Joyful Moment came in playing it tonight with HH.  I laughed harder and more freely than I have in possibly months.  It felt really good.

And it didn't hurt that I beat him in fencing, canoeing, and frisbee.  He won the bowling.

It was fun just to let loose and have fun for once.  That is something I've felt over the past couple of weeks would never ever come back.

Thanks, HH, for being fun.

Wishing you all Joyful Moments that are just fun!

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