Sunday, June 17, 2012

Day 914: Best Father's Day Gift Ever

That's what HH told me when I apologized for forgetting to get him a card.  And I suppose that really is true, even if she came a day early.

It was a Joyful Moment to be able to talk to my own dad to wish him a happy Father's Day and let him listen to his newest granddaughter's little squeaks and squawks.

The next one was actually a Joyful Moment yesterday and today.  And the picture is from yesterday.  But, I just had a baby, so I'm allowed these things.

Sharing our new cute bundle with the other kids has absolutely been a Joyful Moment.  You can see that Baby B is a little uncertain, but the other two are completely enamored with their new baby sister.  Baby B completely ignored her (and pretty much me, too) yesterday, but today he showed some definite interest a couple times.  And it was good.  I wish I could know what he's thinking and that I could explain this all to him.  But, I'm sure that will come with time.

More Joyful Moments for HH and I just enjoying this sweet little spirit that has joined us.  We've been doing "kangaroo care" like I did with Baby B because he was struggling to maintain his temperature.  She has no such problem, but it's definitely her favorite place to be.  She puts up quite the fuss when we have to be separated so they can check vitals and stuff like that.  I love all the little newborn noises, her soft little head, the wrinkly skin, the fuzzy hair on the tops of her ears and the backs of her shoulders--oooh!  She's just too sweet and perfect.

Wishing you all miraculously magical Joyful Moments!


Melanie said...

darling photo.

Linda said...

I enjoyed spending the day with your sweet kiddos, including when we visited you. (I think you look much too gorgeous for someone who just had a baby!)