Thursday, April 11, 2013

Day 1162: Exhausting

I did a hard thing today.  Really really hard.  And then I didn't really do anything else.  And I wanted so badly to go back and undo it.  It took all I had to hold onto my faith and keep reminding myself that I did it because it felt like what I was supposed to do.  But, I might have cried a lot too.

And I got mad.  Really mad.  Why is it so important that I reach out to other people?  I hate being vulnerable like that.  Boo.

Thankfully, HH got me through it with a patience that he doesn't always possess when I get a little crazy like this.  Thanks again, HH.

And it looks like things will be okay and eventually, I'll be glad I did what I did today.

But for now, I just feel tired.