Thursday, April 25, 2013

Day 1169: Mr. Golden Sun

I forgot to mention that Little M had his first soccer practice last night.  Super cute.  And he was so excited.

I spent a good portion of the time hanging out on the playground with Baby B, though.  Which was also good.  He and I have been at odds so much of late, it was a really good reminder to me that we need to just have some good bonding time between us.  So, I spent more time really focusing on him today.  And we snuggled a bit at nap time.  And I think it really helped.

It definitely helped me.  I needed to be reminded that he really can be my sweet little boy.  It's hard to be #3 of 4.  There are so many other people and things competing for my time!

Anyway, today started similar to how yesterday started.  I just felt. So. Tired.  Dead. Tired.

And exhausted.

And Baby B started the day off with all kinds of screaming (his sheet has been missing for a few days, so it has been rough.  R-U-F-F.  Rough).

I've been promising HH that I would mow the lawn for a couple of weeks now.  But, it's been so cold and super duper rainy and wet, so it hasn't happened.  Today was nice and sunny.  So, I dragged myself out there, dug out my mower, and set to work.  I still felt tired, but I was glad to finally get it done.

And then I dragged myself to the gym.  Mainly, just to get a break from Baby B (this was before we really spent quality time together today).

But, I got out there for my run and the weather was glorious.  I mean, "Hallelujah Chorus"-inspiring.  It was just perfect.  And as I ran, I felt better and better.  And better.

And I wound up going 8 miles.  In 1:09:15.  Not crazy fast, but definitely something I'm proud of today.

And I'm still sort of on a high from it.

Probably helped me to have that extra patience for Baby B the rest of the day.

And everyone else in the family.

Running makes Mama happy.

The End.

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Linda said...

You amaze me. In every way.