Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Day 1172: Mmmm...

Well, hello there.

I'm still alive and kicking.

Things have been going really well.  I haven't been posting been posting because I've been so so so busy.  And tired.  And a little bit sick.  And busy.  And tired.

Fortunately, we still find time for taking pictures of this amazing cuteness.

My posting might be a little patchy for the next little bit.  Or, the summer.  I don't know.  Things are challenging in an unexpected way right now.  Now that it's finally warming up, and Spring is upon us, so is yard work and home maintenance/improvements.

The thing is, HH still shouldn't do a lot of what needs to be done.  Which is frustrating for him because he feels guilty having me do it and (I think) we both know he could do it better and faster.  So, I find myself pushing myself harder than I normally would to accomplish more and check things off the list faster, to try and help with that.

But, I have this cold that won't go away.  And I never seem to get anywhere near enough sleep.  And there is so much other stuff that needs my attention.  Because, not only am I having to learn to do the tasks HH has always managed, I'm also having to re-learn how to do "my" tasks that he has kind of picked up over the years to try and help me (us) survive the depression.

I have a new found respect and appreciation for him and all he has taken care of for us.

And his incessant need for sleep.

So, things are going pretty well.  Although, today was a bit overwhelming.  No gym thanks to a sick (but then again, not really sick) child staying home from school.  Two hours at the dentist for the basic cleaning and then the prep work for a crown, 5 hours of numbness, and an annoying pain.  And then four hours of yard work.  And I'm proud of myself, but I know HH would have done a better job (even though he keeps telling me it looks great).  And then dinner for a friend.  I briefly regretted having set that up because I was feeling so tired, but I think it was a good thing because it helped me to turn my focus outward and kick the grumpy mood that had settled on me through the course of the day.

Did I mention I'm tired?

Good night!

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Linda said...

I hope you get a great night of sleep. I can't believe you did so much. And when I think that you were sick the whole time, I really can't believe it. I hope you are feeling at least somewhat better tomorrow. love you!